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In the summer season, the pork is fed with a duck. However, the weather has changed with high temperature and heat, which seriously constitutes the cultured efficiency of meat duck. How to improve the feeding efficiency, the mortality rate in the lower meat duck breeding process? Seize this time to expand a breeding income? Then start from the following aspects:

1. Reasonable feeding density, reducing the mortality rate in the duck breeding process. In the summer duck house, the duck group density should be appropriately reduced, preventing the death of the duck group, and stacked the death. At the same time, in order to ensure that the duck group is sufficient to drink water, the water dispenser, the bowl, etc. should be appropriately added.
2. Adjust the feed to the feed, expand the meat ratio. Duck tick descends with the increase in temperature, so far a meat duck after entering the summer, you should choose a suitable feed. When purchasing, we must carefully ask the production time and feed ratio of the feed. At the same time, the protein level is as low as possible to reduce the amount of heat generated during the digestion of the feed digestion.
3. Activity to change the way to change the traditional feeding method. Net raising due to large in the previous period, often farmers, there is a polar attitude, but network care can reduce the contact of Duck and fecal, reduce the pathogenesis, reduce the incidence and reduce duck groups. Nutritional consumption and production heat, which are beneficial to the health of the duck. Therefore, a farmer can save online farming mode at this time. Veterinary Drug Feed Network

4. Pay attention to the temperature of the duck house, prevent heat stress. The duck house temperature is too high, which is easy to cause the duck group to heat stress, so you should pay attention to the temperature of the duck house, reducing sun radiation. Facilities such as cooling curtains, ventilation ports can be added around the duck house during high temperature. During the daily production process, the ambient temperature can be reduced by planting green vegetation around the circle.
5. Strengthen feeding management and do everyday disinfection. We must carefully do a good job in shattering work, guarantee a circle and farm to disinfect every week. Prevent flies, mosquitoes and other pests, make the ducks from pests.
6. The farming area is strictly prohibited from being good in, and the quiet environment is created. During high temperature, scare, noise interfere with duck groups, preventing pilgrimage stress, and actively creating a quiet environment.

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