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Farewater premature bowl light salt water: According to actual observation, hot weather, maternal swearing after half an hour, because there is more loss of water, if you can’t find it, you often eat your own, so you must Be careful to prepare a bowl of light salt water in front of it, especially the hot summer and autumn season, especially the hot summer and autumn.

Pay attention to the cooling and heat strip of the rabbit: the rabbit is to cover the ventilation and prevent direct sunlight. Cage rabbit house can sprinkle cold water cooling. It is best to plant grapes around the rabbit, and the rabbit cage is planted around the rabbit, and the vines spread over the cage. In the morning, the weather is still hot, don’t worry about the outer colleague of the cage. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

Paying the feed nutrition and feeding method: Time-changing period period at the early summer, at which time the feed protein and calcium, phosphorus are supplemented in the daily feed. In the hot weather, the rabbit appetite is decreased. It should be diversely, and the mixed feed is quantified. It is less than the dirty feed to prevent the feed mildew, and the remaining shortcomings are supplemented with green grass, vegetable leaves, hay, leaves. The time to feed is the day to turn during the day, so that the rabbit rest during the day, eat at night, give a clean water at noon. Summer is high, fecal urine is easy to ferment, parasites and bacterial breeding dissemination, pay attention to drinks and drinking water, prohibiting collecting vegetative plants and plants with pesticides, preventing plants from having eggs; Open water, never drink unclean water, sewage. Summer and rainy weather, in order to prevent enteritis and coccidia, often pay attention to feeding green grass or charcoal powder, and incorporate some chopped onions, garlic and leeks in mixed materials, which is beneficial to the excessive intestines Parasite. Consultation QQ: 2627108897
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