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As the temperature rises from all over the world, many rabbits have also begun to use the shelter of the rabbit to take the summer. The following is some commonly used rabbits and summer heatspring methods, for supporting the rabbits, for reference:

1, thickening room top insulation layer. The thicker the insulation layer, the more it is not easy, the stronger the heat absorption: the larger the insulation coefficient of the material, the better the insulation. An internal insulating layer can also be done.
2, increase the height of the rabbit. The height of rabbit is increased, and high temperature pressure can be alleviated. Hot air is generally accumulated at the top.
3, the top irrigation. For the flat-top rabbit house, under the premise of preventing and seep, the top is high, and the water is irridated, so that the water absorbs the sun and makes the rabbit to be laid, and there is a good effect for alleviating high temperatures. At the same time, it is capable of absorbing water, and the effect will be better.

4, the top spray. For the top thinner rabbit house, a plastic or metal water pipe can be placed on the top vertical axis, and the small holes are hit on both sides, water pipes through the water pipe through the water pipe through the water pipe to achieve the effect of cooling.
5, the top green. If the rabbit house is flat, but also strong, it can be paved above, plant plants such as turfgrass, and good insulation effect.
6, the front greening. The rabbit is planted in advance planting vines, before the hot summer, climbed the top, with a good insulation and cooling.
7, wall brush white. Different colors are different from the reflection of light, the higher the color, the higher the absorbance, the white reflective effect is best. White lime can be brushed on the southern part of the rabbit house and the western surface, with a good reflective cooling effect. QQ: 2627108897
8, a reflective film. It can reduce the rabbit to reduce 2 degrees.
9, pull the shade network. Its shading rate reaches 70%, and good sunshade network is more than five years.
10, build a greenhouse. To build a greenhouse above the simple rabbit, you can effectively alleviate the high temperature pressure brought by solar radiation.
11, planting tall tree crown between rabbit houses. You can plant some poplar, or you can plant fruits such as walnuts.
12, anti-genital nest. Using the characteristics of the underground winter warm summer cool, under the bottom rabbit cage, it is imperative to make a moisture underground hole, which is connected to the rabbit cage on the ground.Pick up. Practice shows that this form of rabbit ware can heation heat, and can be cold, and the annual reproduction is high. In the wild in the south, you can nest, but it is not recommended in the room.
13, wet curtain negative pressure ventilation. In high heat regions, negative pressure ventilation facilities can effectively reduce the rabbit house temperature, but because of its increased rabbit humidity, it is not suitable for a long time. High cost, crystal air conditioner can be used.
14, ordinary fan. Using the fan to rotate, accelerate the flow of air, is a rabbit feeling cool, reducing thermal stress, but cannot change the temperature of rabbit.
15, the underground air duct is ventilated. Using the characteristics of the underground temperature, digging an idea of ​​the underground airway in the rabbit house and the rabbit house, the wind is deep, set the wind turbine at the mouth of the rabbit house, and the normal wind temperature is low at the mouth of the rabbit. Much more. Consult QQ: 2627108897
16, cold air conditioner (cool water cycle). Using the high temperature of the groundwater temperature, mount the air conditioner, forcibly cool water in the condensed condensed tube (generally copper), blow the cool breeze into the rabbit house through the fan blowing, relieve the high temperature in the house. The advantage is that the indoor temperature can be controlled at 28-30 ° C not only cool down.
17, fan ice cubes emergency cool down. When the rabbit is high, ice can be made by ice machine, and the ice cubes are placed at the air outlet of the fan, and the air temperature is quickly lowered, and the purpose of cooling is achieved.
18, water dipping stone bricks cool down. When the overall temperature of the rabbit is difficult to fall rapidly, it can be soaked in the slate or brick, put into the rabbit cage, so that the rabbit is directly contacted with a lower object, and then replaces it once. This is a more applicable temporary cooling measures. (For reference only

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