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Summer high temperature and high humidity, especially in the south of the Yangtze River, with a maximum temperature of 40 ° C, which is extremely unfavorable climatic conditions for rabbits degraded to sweat glands. At this time, the rabbit is often influential and caused by the decline in the feeding, the physical condition is thin, and the resistance is weakened. This is more threat to the breeding of the rabbit and the rabbit. Varbits will not feed due to high temperatures. Therefore, in summer feeding management should pay attention to the following points: 1. Cooling and preventing the heat of rabbits, especially the key to long hairy rabbits. High temperature to rabbit, especially long hairy rabbits, will have a lot of adverse effects, so we must take corresponding measures to carry out heatstroke, heatstroke and cooling. (1) Rabbit house is high in summer, the sun is strong, and the heat outside the room is mainly through the door and window of the rabbit. Therefore, it must pay attention to the insulation of the rabbit structure, especially for the roof or The top of the cage must take insulation measures. The wall of the rabbit house should be light, preferably white, which can reduce the sun’s radiation heat. (2) Rabbithouse ventilation This is a major measure in the rain and heat stripping of the rabbit. The rabbit house can not only disperse the heat generated and accumulated in the house, but also help the rabbit body heat, to ease the adverse effect on the rabbit. When the air in the rabbit house is dry, the wet cooling method can be used to cool down while increasing the air flow, and the effect of cooling can be enhanced. The rabbit should make full use of natural ventilation. The site should be selected in an open place, there must be a large distance between the buildings, and the distance between the two rows should be 1.5-2 times height. The orientation of the rabbit house is determined by the main mainstream of the local summer. Generally, it is good to use mechanical ventilation when natural ventilation cannot meet the requirements. (3) Rabbit wandering sunshade measures have widening roles, pair of sand sheds, planting trees, planting plants, hanging curtains, and windows. However, this is a conflict with the ventilation, ventilation, so it should be considered, properly handled. Consult QQ: 2627108897 (4) Planting trees, pastures or feed crops around the Rabbit Green Rabbit, to cover the ground, is the main measures to mitigate solar radiation, reduce ambient temperature, purify the air, and improve the small climate. (5) Reduce the feeding density rabbit to dissipate heat around, each rabbit is a heat source, which reduces the feeding density in the house, is equal to reducing the heat source, which is beneficial to mitigate the adverse effects of high temperatures. (6) Reasonable mating feed feed requirements, the protein content is sufficient, replaced some carbohydrate in some fat, reducing the amount of carbohydrate, which can reduce the heat dissipation of the rabbit body.. (7) Rabbit house cooling the spray cooling method, the low warm water is slowly ejected in the house, evaporate the cooling method, that is, at the roof, the top, the water, the water, the water will absorb and take heat, The wetting bricks in the cage can also achieve the purpose of cooling. The above method can only use indoor air to dry, in the case of good ventilation, otherwise it will exacerbate the adverse effect on the high temperature environment on the rabbit, and the high temperature and high humidity are more harmful. Consult QQ: 2627108897 (8) Supply sufficient drinking water to clean, low temperature, preferably drink well water, easy to use, is conducive to rabbit heat dissipation. (9) Controlling the breeding This is an important measure to reduce the heat of rabbit and reduce the heat of rabbits. After the rabbit pregnancy, the material metabolism is strengthened in the body, and the production capacity increases accordingly, thus aggravating the burden on the heat dissipation of the rabbit. Therefore, Do not breed breed in the high temperature season. (10) Before the time, the long hair rabbit must be cut, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the rabbit. Summer in the South is hot, the last time is long, so the rabbit farm must pay great attention to the summer heatstroke and cooling work. Only the heat-saving cooling work is good, in order to facilitate the growth and development of rabbits to ensure the health of the rabbit. Consultation QQ: 26271088972. Carefully feeding the summer noon is hot, the appetite of the rabbit is weak, so early feeding should be fed early, and the evening should be delayed, and the night should be fed, but also pay more to feed the green feed, supply sufficient drinking water, it is best to add 2% in drinking water. Salt salt to replenish the consumption of salt in the body. 3. Wash it a good job before feeding every feeding, it is necessary to sweep in the cage. The ground should be sprayed with disinfection water, do a good job of environmental hygiene, eliminate mosquitoes, and fly.

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