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Meat rabbit pre-mix

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1. Shading cooling. Plant a vine vine plant or a smooth shed in the rabbit house. Water curtains can be used in high temperature weather, and the rabbits can also be used for fresh groundwater. Once the rabbit has occurred in the summer, it should be placed immediately in a cool and ventilated place, spraying its head, limbs, etc. with cool water. 2. Scrap heat. For long hairy rabbits, it can be used in summer, and the rabbit should be cut, and the young rabbit head can be cut in advance. 3. Reduce density. In the summer, the breeding density is halved, and the indoor ventilation should be strengthened, and there is a conditional installed fan. 4. Reasonably feed. When feeding with feed, the proportion of energy feed should be reduced, mainly based on crude fiber feed. In the rainy day, in order to prevent rabbit diarrhea, 1% montmorillonite can be mixed in the feed. The wet powder should be added less to the addition to prevent the defeat. 5. Adjust the feeding time. In summer, feed feed should follow the principle of “breakfast, dinner, night to graze”, and focus on 80% of the daily feed feeding in the morning and evening. 6. Drink water. It is guaranteed for 24 hours, in addition, in order to prevent a digestive tract disease in rabbits, 0.01% potassium potassium permanganate solution can be added to drinking water. In order to improve the heatstroke effect, 0.3% salt salt can be added to drinking water. In the middle of the summer, the rabbit house, the space, the roof, the balcony wall can be discharged to reduce the indoor ambient temperature. The top of the rabbit house and the sunwood wall were brushed with white stone gray water to prevent direct sunlight. 7. Environmental hygiene. Pay attention to mosquito flies in summer to prevent disease spread. In addition to strengthening the management of feces and toilets, filling the dead pond of the pit, the rabbit can also spray some mosquito fling drugs such as deltamethrin, or add cyclophropatine premix in the feed to reduce mosquitoes. 8. Prevent coccidiasis. Summer rabbit poodle disease is easy to enabling, it is easy to cause a large number of deaths in the young rabbit, in addition to regularly fed a certain drug, should also do a good health and disinfection, and keep clean and free. Implement the nutrient division, regular breastfeeding, and size, which can reduce the opportunity to be infected with each other. 9. Control reproduction. In areas where there is no heat-saving cooling conditions, the ruins should stop population at 30 ° C or more, and strengthen the cooling measures against rabbits to ensure that breeding capacity is unaffected.

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