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Coccidial disease is the main parasitic disease of rabbits, and it is more susceptible to cockpit in January to September to September.
The main symptoms have acute infection, often does not show any symptoms suddenly fall in place, the limbs are convulsions, the head is moving backwards, and they die after a few times. Chronic disease rabbits are expressed in thin, anemia, bad spirits, blindness, blush, abdominal expansion, pain in feces, abdominal expansion, pain. In the later stage, there is a symptom of nerve paralysis, and it dies due to extreme deviating.

Prevention measures should strengthen feeding management and do a good job of environmental hygiene. The rabbit cage remains clean and ventilated, and the feces are removed in time, disinfect regularly, prevent the feed from being contaminated by manure. Young rabbits and adult rabbits should be baked. At the same time, full price feed should be fed to improve its disease. Consult QQ: 2627108897

In the epidemic season of coccidia, 100g sulfamer oxypamine is added to 100 kg of sulfamidiapanoxysoxy in the rabbit feed or drinking water, and it can effectively prevent coccidiasis in 1 ~ 2 months. occur. WeChat: 18236420397

情 (estrus pregnancy) [Chinese medicine]
Effectively regulates the endocrine system of rabbit groups, promotes the estrus of the rabbit, and improves the quality of the milk, the quality of the rabbit.

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