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The temperature in summer is 30 ° C for more than 3 months. In this high temperature environment, it is easy to cause the milk rate of cows to decline, and reduce economic benefits. Especially the high hair of dairy recessive breastitis has brought a greater harm.
1. Heat stress. In addition to the temperature, temperature, airflow and solar radiation can cause the hot stress of the dairy cow. The thermal stress is shown as sweating, the amount of drinking water increases, the body temperature is increased, the breathing rate is accelerated, and the time is long, which will reduce the amount of food, milk production, reproductive rate, and the non-fat solid matter in milk is significantly reduced.
2. Mosquito bite. Not only makes dairy cows, affecting feeding and rest, but also spreads the disease.
3. Sports field muddy. Cows often stand and travel in mud water, consumes high physical strength, but their energy intake is less than other seasons, and is prone to donepidism.
4. Dry substances in diet decrease. Summer cows eat grass or melon leaves, the higher water content in grass and melon leaves (generally 80% to 90%), so that the quality of dairy food is relatively reduced.
5. The incidence of breastitis is high. The external temperature increases, the bacterial breeding is fast, and the dairy milk is increased. The top incidence is not more than 5%, while the incidence of individual population of breast inflammation in summer is as high as 60%.
Measures to improve the amount of milk milk
1. Summer cooling.
(1) Tree planting green. It can grow trees around the sports field, which can reduce the heat of 30% to 40% of the radiation of solar radiation.
(2) Setting a soft shed. This is mainly for outdoors. The soft shed should be built in the place where the terrain is high, and the ventilation is cool. Usually set, high 3 ~ 4m, 5 ~ 6m high, can select heat-insulating straw and pasture, or small materials, small materials, and the surface of the stone plate to do it. Apply a high reflectance coating or a double-layer plate structure that leaves the blank in the middle.
(3) Sending a cow spray shower. Open the north-made window of Naruto, and open the fan and accelerate the air flow in the house. When the opening fan cannot solve the difficulty of milk is difficult, the sprinkle can be mounted on the top of the Nest, and the cow is sprayed. The water can also be used in combination with a fan.
(4) Giving cow is cold water. It is best to just taken from the water from the deep water or the water pipe. Drink water 3 ~ 4 times a day, the water quality requirements are clean, fresh.
(5) Rationally matching diet. CowThe energy and protein levels in the diet are generally 10% to 12%. The diet structure of the high-yield cows can be used in the proportion of fine material 60, the coarse material 30, and the meal 10. If the thickness is better, the diet structure can also be changed to the fine: thick = 60: 40.
(6) Adjust the feed time and feed the method. You should choose to increase feed to feed at night, accounting for 60% to 70% of all day. Feeding should take less to diligently, dairy cows in the lactation period, add 1.0 to 1.5 kg of fine materials per 100 kg weight, and feeding 4 times a day; green juicy feed can be added to 35 ~ 45 kg.
(7) Supplemental potassium salt. Add potassium salt feeding, the dairy feeding capacity increases, and the amount of milk is increased. In addition, additional additions to sodium, calcium, and magnesium are added.
2. Eliminate mosquito flies to prevent diseases from spreading. Can sprinkle the mosquito flies with 90% of the enemy of 600 ~ 800 times with 90% of the enemy. It is necessary to eliminate mosquitoes every week. When eliminating mosquito flies, it is best to choose over rainy days. In order to prevent mosquito fly, the cattle farm wants to remove weeds, pad flat pit, do a good job in the drainage system, eliminate the dead end, and clean up the feces in time. At the same time, the Niu House has to sweep 1 to 3 times, and disinfect once daily.
3. Set hard ground sports field. Set hard ground and have a certain slope so that the rain is discharged in time, and the milk cattle lives in the mud.
4. Adjust diet, reasonably feeding, maintain the ratio of dry matter in diet.
5. Reduce the incidence of breast inflammation. Don’t have easy-to-tie in the sports field, breaking the items of milk cows. When milking should pay attention to the breast inflammation as soon as possible, treat it in time; after milking, the teat should be immersed with disinfectant. Once breast inflammation occurs, in addition to the treatment of drug treatment, it takes cold, hot compress, milking technology, which is both economical and simple.
6. Plenty of clean drinking water. The amount of drinking water in the cow is related to the external temperature, lactation, individual, variety, age. Under normal circumstances, the amount of water in the daily drinking water is about 100 liters. Therefore, in addition to feeding, drinking water in the food trough after feeding, it is necessary to set the drinking water in the exercise field, so that the cows are free to drink water to alleviate the “heat stress” reaction. At the same time, 0.5% salt can also be placed in drinking water to promote dairy metabolism.
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