Supplement vitamins brightened cats?

timg (5).jpg Different kinds of vitamins have different effects and features to pet cats, pets get enough vitamins in food to promote skin health, be shine, while ensuring cats and cats healthy and functional Integrity. Vitamin A, vitamin H is especially important to cats.

First, it is generally believed that vitamin A, vitamin H is biotin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, etc. They are all one of the most influential vitamins of the animal’s gloss and skin health, and it is also directly involved in the normal function of the nervous system. These vitamins have a significant effect on the pets of the pets.

Simple pathway:

Vitamin’s source is a variety of ways, and it has a simple way. When the vast pet enthusiasts can add some green leafy vegetables or yellow leaf vegetables to add some green leaflets or yellow leaf vegetables, as well as the prerivettoxin of vitamin A for love pets or cat food. You can also supplement biotin by eating some cooked eggs to the pet to prevent pet skin diseases, deadsiosis. However, it is also necessary to prevent excessive supplements, and the amount of vitamins should be appropriate, and it is not advisable to prevent pet nutrient poisoning.

Alternatively, mineral-copper is also a nutrients that the pet beautiful fur must have improved the color of the fur, preventing pets from being haired. Become rough and no gloss. Another mineral-zinc in the synthesis of collagen and holyprin also contributes to enhancing the beauty of the fur. If you want to increase the gloss of pet fur, it can also increase the intake of sulfur amino acid, as well as intake of hydrochloric acid. In short, the pet hair color is related to the overall nutritional level, physical health, trace elements, is a comprehensive factor, only long-term dietary pet food, prevention The disease happens, maintains a healthy physiological state, bayon to make the pets reach the color and become shine.

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