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The so-called retrograde infection, a way of infection. It is generally referred to in the upper end of the pipe in the upper end of the pipe in the case of a pipe, and is reversed under the excretion, and the secreted excretion is internally infected. Introduction of tubalitis refers to the reproductive system disease from the auditory mouth to the egg tube, ovarian infection.
Causes of egg foliage and oxyuritis:
1. The conditions of health care is too poor, and the penalty cavity is contaminated by bacteria (such as Salmonella, E. coli, etc.), and invades the fallopian tube;
2 Due to high protein feed, it is too large or double yellow egg, or causes fallopianitis caused by the lack of vitamin amino acid in the feed;
The above two causes are clinically egg foliage More than 70%, except for viral or septic Escherichia coli, so that we prevention and control of egg poultangological inflammation should start from prevention of retrograde infections.

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