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In winter, the weather is cold. But for breeding friends, breeding management needs to be more careful, because the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, especially breeding chickens, or later broilers, high temperature at noon, need to cool down. The temperature is low in the evening, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature too low, otherwise it is easy to generate cold emergency, or even a cold virus. Since there is an insulation at night, some chickens are closed, leading to poor ventilation, severe respiratory diseases, such as mycoplasma, airbagitis, chronic respiratory disease, once there is a viral disease intervention, there may be mixed infections, bronchi Close the case. So how can you do a good job in winter management, let chickens are not sick, less ill?

1. Low temperature disease

“low temperature disease” is a disease that is more common in winter and low temperature season, especially the temperature in northeast, and the egg hook In the egg period, the demand for calcium and phosphorus is large. If the chicken can not follow the amount of food, plus the calcium, phosphorus of the chicken, causing abnormal growth of bone tissue, thereby forming nutritional disease. The disease is large, directly affecting the amount of eggs of the egg chicken, the egg is small, the eggshell mass is deteriorated, and the income of the chicken breeding is seriously affected. Therefore, in the low temperature season, especially in the northeast, the prevention and treatment of “low temperature” should be done. Especially the egg hooks, in order to ensure that the amount of eggs in winter, it is necessary to continue to increase nutrients, especially some of the nutrients necessary to form eggs. Only in this way can we ensure higher income on the basis of stabilization.

In the late winter, the high-release period of the respiratory tract disease, poor environment, high temperature difference, poor management, disinfection, and various viral bacterial diseases Mixed infection is easily induced by respiratory diseases, and it is difficult to cure. It is recommended that you will continue to improve from the following aspects to reduce the incidence of respiratory disease.

1, reduce temperature difference, reduce cold stress. The initial ventilation can take temperature control to change the air quality of the chicken house, and the night temperature difference can be used to control the fan, do a good ventilation to reduce the dust and harmful gases of the chicken.

2, feed properly add quality microecological reduction of intestinal disease, increase feed digestibility, reduce unrecognized protein feed and falling into the feces, reduce ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gasorigin of.

3, do a good job in the epidemic prevention of new city disease, flu, rhinitis, and mycoplasma. Name: Wang Xiao Tel: 15725217809 Focus on the public number [FunongTonghao] more chicken knowledge and you share

Third, ventilation management

Because the winter chicken is closely closed, causing chicken舍 气, hydrogen sulfide, dust content exceeds the standard causes the natural barrier of the respiratory mucosa disappeared and the local immune barrier disappears, so that the pathogenic microorganism can be multiplied, so in winter, in winter, the chicken should be diligently sweep inside and outside, keep the chicken house Hygiene, in the noon at noon on sunny, the drinking water should be washed in time. At the same time, two kinds of disinfectants are used to disinfect the chicken, take the above measures, and reduce the integrity of the respiratory mucosa, reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken Have a positive role.

In winter, it is a high-incidence period of many infectious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the winter infection of respiratory infectious diseases, so that the population of antibodies The level is maintained at a higher level, especially the immune work of avian influenza, new city disease, infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngiitis, after the peak of the egg hen, enter the winter to inactivate vaccine immunity, New City Epidemic, infectious bronchitis can be used vital seedlings, once a drinking water is carried out every 1 to 2 months, to strengthen isolation work under the premise of doing a good job in immune work, due to the high incidence of many infectious diseases in winter, China is more Big, so do a good job in disinfection of people, utensils and transportation vehicles, unrelated personnel are strictly prohibited to enter the production area, while doing flying birds, migratory birds and other animals into the production area, can effectively prevent infectious disease pathogens from entering chicken farms, reducing respiratory tract The occurrence of disease is of great significance. This article comes from FuNongTonghao to share a small knowledge, if you want to contact me!

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