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Incorpossolosis is acute, and the death of death does not show any symptoms. Suddenly inverted, the limbs were twitching, the head came back, the corner bow was reversed, and he died. The chronic type is stubborn, and constipation is sometimes constipated. Sometimes the feces belled, the abdomen is full, and the spirit of the rabbit is depressed, the appetite is lost, and the lying is not moving, more than 10 days after death.
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There is a large amount of gray-white coccidinal joint hepatocticaspatitis, in the liver area There is a painful performance, visual mucosa mild yellow dye. The spirit of the rabbit is not poor, loss of appetite, gradually losing thin, neurological symptoms, limbs paralysis, final failure. 19.png

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The liver surface has a pale yellow white round nodule, and the bladder is consulted QQ: 2627108897 Symptoms of hyperthurrus have intestinal and hepatic diseases, most of which belongs to a mixed type.
Preventive reinforcing management: 1, regular disinfection rabbit cage, food; 2, green feed is strictly prohibited to use the disease fertilizer fertilizer; 3, properly preserved forage, prevent rabbit dung pollution; 4, rabbit manure Heads should be fermented; the bodies should be deeply buried or incinerated. 5, the rabbits must be used for multiple feces inspections, and they can be used without porchic oocysts; 6, weaning young rabbit and female rabbit isolated feeding, lactation The hunar breast should be scrub; 7, supply all-price feed, replacement forage should gradually transition; 8, young rabbit materials can add appropriate amount of fish powder to enhance the ability of anti-Piworm disease; 9, eliminate rabbits, fly and Other insects; 10, reasonable arrangementThe rabbit breeding season, so that the young rabbit is abundant during the abundance period; 11, it is found that the habit is immediately isolated or eliminated. Consultation QQ: 2627108897 Treatment: Sulfamine methoxy sodium injection (rabbit disease old Chinese medicine): muscle injection 0.5 -1ml per kilogram of weight prevention: compound sulfamine methoxy-soluble powder: can be mixed water or mixture 400 kg / package (100g) 5-7 days; treatment: compound sulfamine methoxy-soluble powder: water or mixture 200 kg / bag (100 g) 5-7 days;

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