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Chicken infectious adenitis is a disease that is more harmful to the chicken industry in recent years. After gothosititis infection, there will be no too much chicken death. It tends to infringe the digestive system of the chicken, so that the disease is more serious. This disease mainly has a huge impact on the growth and reproduction of the dyed chickens, and these chickens have a slow growth and indigestion. And it will affect the entire growth period, until the ranks.


1. Feed nutrient imbalance, low protein, vitamin lack, etc. are the cause of disease.

2, the opening drug selection is unreasonable to use a variety of antibiotics.

3, the early chickens are too high, and the cold heat stress caused by the wetness in the house.

4, drinking water temperature is balanced in the temperature during the birth.

5, eyeitis is an important cause of this disease. Clinically, all chicken farms with adenitis is first happening first.

6, now some vertically propagated pathogens may also be the cause of the disease, such as the commonly founded mesopathic hyperplasia, chicken anemia, Ma Lick, etc.

The symptoms are poor, and the amount of feeding and water is significantly reduced; the feces are not formed, yellow, hair, individual There will be elongated strips; with unsubstated feed, referred to as “material”. The feed conversion rate is low, thin; the hair is less (it looks very heavy, but it is very light) The size of the chicken is also different, forming the old, medium and light ancestors and grandchildren; leading to immunosuppression.


adenomatic symptoms, glucogenesis, adrenal nipple swelling bleeding, muscle stomach with cracks, edema erosion, intestinal swelling into the ball.

Early Prevention

In order to strengthen feeding management, do a good job in environmental hygiene, feeding density should be appropriate, pay attention to ventilation. Fully agro-gadkon: used to repair muscle stomach, adenopter ulcers, protect gastrointestinal mucosa, swelling and sedative pain, joining stomach, increase stomach motilityeffect. Clinical attendant infectious adenitis, adrenal stomach, bacteria, and feed mold toxins, adrenal stomatitis, and secondary enteritis. Pure Chinese medicine formula! Imported export chickens are available, safe and efficient! 300 pounds of water! 4 days meet! The mortality rate is significantly reduced!

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