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Today, this disease is to everyone is chicken Escherichia coli, what are the symptoms and pathological changes of E. coli? How should we prevent? This is what we have to say.

Chicken Escherichia coli is also a common disease. He is a disease caused by a conditional pathogenic bacteria. Three conditions must be sick: pathogen – infection paths – susceptible chicken group It can cause a variety of conditions such as chicken heart, airbagitis, sepsis, mainly through respiratory tract, digestive tract, the existence of this disease also has a big threat to the chicken industry; when the sanitary conditions are poor, the feeding management is improper or the body When the immune function declines, it is the easiest to explode chicken E. coli.

[Symptoms] The sick chicken is depressed, and the feathers are loose, and the chicken crown is purple or white. I don’t want to move; don’t love to eat, yellow white is rare, odor; Disease chickens, breathing, breathing, breathing, increased soda, tears, oral and nasal secretions; 产 蛋 产 产 蛋 产;

[Pathological changes] Typical lesions Acute sepsis, airbagitis, cardiac inflammation, hepatic medium, all-eyeitis, tubal inflammation, peritonitis, Escherichia coli granulation, etc. This here, I will not explain it, I will give you three heavy and middle, according to these three characteristics, it can be determined to be E. coli, which is the common name “three bags’ (package heart) , Liver, balloon inflammation)

The liver is obvious swelling is copper green, sometimes there is a small white lesion in the liver, the heart is soft, the cardiac is turbid, and myocardial adhesion; The spleen, the kidney is constant; the chest muscles are congested.

Airbagitis: The infected airbag thickens, between the pleural air bags and the lungs, and the abdominal airbags and the abdominal wall have grayish or white cheese. The slight airbag has a bubble; the heavy people can see the difficulty breathing, there is a voice, cough, appetite disappear, and the chicken is thin, and finally death.

Heartburst inflammation: often accompanied by myocarditis, velocityus edema, and pale yellow fluff purulent exudate, filled with pale yellow fibrino exudate.

Enhanced Feeding Management: Do a good job in clean and health work, strengthen ventilation, reduce breeding density, timely transfer group, strictly pick eggs and disinfecting eggs. Implementation all-in-law: The whole process is the same foundation in the same house, and the same variety is the same day old chicken, which uses the same feed, unified management measures. And all at the same time. After the appearance, the overall environment was completely cleaned, cleaned and disinfected.

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