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Clinical symptoms: 1. Spirit is depressed, loss of appetite, thin, row green or yellow green feces. 2. There will be a glutinous joint and a blister or pus is symptom. 3. Eye swelling (single eyeloma) is yellowish exudate when infringing. 4. A neurological symptoms will occur in violation of the brain: the bow foot is reversed. Pathological changes: 1. Acute sepsis: the skin muscle blood stasis is purple, the liver is swollen in black or green, and intestinal mucosa. 2. Hepatolaritis: The liver is hardened, and there is necrotic disorder on the surface. There is a layer of white fibrin attached. 3. Airbagitis: The airbag is cloudy, thickening, and cheese-like exudates on the surface. 4. Heartburst inflammation: cardinal package turbidity, thickening, permeable film and outer membrane with white fibrin attached.

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