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I. What is chicken with a blanked inflammation

Chicken pockets are a clinical symptom, generally caused by the pathogens such as E. coli, virus, and mycoplasma.

Due to the relatively relatively large cause of airbagitis, the pathogen can be secondary, so it is generally difficult to cure.

Airbagitis is likely to occur in a year, but it is generally high in winter. The current market is currently popular in the current market, bringing very much economic losses to China’s chicken industry.

Second, the pathogenesis of airbagitis

1, the pathogen is more complicated: in general, the airbag is not a separate disease, but a symptom of a chicken infection. Feeding management, bacteria, virus, and mycoplasma, etc. can cause the occurrence of airbagitis disease.

2, the environment is relatively poor: Generally, the unpleasant and ventilation system of the hawlower, which is easy to cause more accumulated gas in the chicken body and people.

If the concentration of ammonia gas in the chickenhouse is too high, the cilia near the respiratory tract is damaged such that mucus secretion in the oral cavity is reduced. Including the pulmonary disease in the chicken, the airbag organ has decreased the purity of the pathogen such as mycoplasma, then the occurrence of airbagitis is inevitable.
3, difficulty in medication for airbagitis: From anatomical, the wall of the chicken is very thin, the blood vessel is small, and the drug is generally difficult to work within the airbag. This makes it difficult for the clinical treatment of airbag disease to effectively develop, resulting in serious losses.
4, the bladder of the chicken special: 8 airbags in the organ of the chicken, these airbags are formed by the branch of the bronch.
“The upper respiratory-lung-airbag-bone” is characterized by interacting the chicken to form a semi-open system in vivo. The pathogen in the air is prone to the bone to form infectious infections through the airbag, respiratory tract, lungs.

In addition, since the chickens do not have abdominal cavity, diaphragm, chest is closely linked, and the chicken has caused the infection of the airbag. The characteristics of these airbagitis itself are the main cause of multiple airbags.
Third, the clinical symptom of airbagitis:

The symptoms of the sick chicken and the respiratory tract were more obvious. Not only breathing nose, snoring, swollen swollen eyes, mouth breathing, tears, spirit is sluggish, loss of appetite, sore chicken swelling, and even abolish. It is yellow and white, and the feathers are muted, the thirst is increased, no shiny, and the crown is dry.
Four, the prevention measures for chicken chicken sac inflammation:

1, the chicken house must be strictly disinfected. (Air bed disinfection, chicken disinfection, drinking water disinfection)

2, choose the best immunization method for the chicken group.
3, strengthen feeding management. (Reduce feeding density, avoiding feed with mold toxin)

4, the treatment of respiratory diseases should be subject to symptoms.
5, spray administration.
6, actively cooperate with treatment. (Using Express Kang with other drug treatment)

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