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Chicken Baisens is a contagious disease caused by Salmonella, which is one of the important diseases that endanger the chicken industry. Many local varieties in my country have infected, which seriously constitutes the development of my country’s broilers and denants. Because chicken Bai Bai can spread vertically and horizontally, the chicken farm has been infected, and it is difficult to completely eliminate only by treatment or prevention. Take regular testing, phase-out positive individuals, and the implementation of biosafety measures is the most effective measures to control and purify this disease. At present, in various methods of detection and purifying chicken, the whole blood flat agglutination method has the advantages of fast response speed, short time consumption, and easy operation. It is used in production practices in production practice. Principle: Particular antigen (bacteria, spiral, red blood cell, etc.) After bonding the corresponding antibody, antigen particles can condense each other condensation blocks visible to the naked eye, referred to as agglutination reactation or agglutination test . The antigen participating in the agglutination reaction is called agglutinogen, and antibodies are referred to as aggregation. Bacteria or other agglomerates have the same negative charge, and the uniform dispersion state is present in the suspension. After the antigen is encountered with the corresponding antibody, specific binding can occur, forming an antigenic antibody complex, reducing the electrostatic repulsive force between the antigen molecules, at which time the tendency of agglutination, at the electrolyte (such as physiological saline), due to ion Most of the charges outside the antigen antibody complex, so that the electrostatic repulsive force between each other, the molecules are inter-pliers, and the agglomeration of the large flakes or particles, there is a agglutination reaction visible in the naked eye.
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