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The tag with the so-called dairy identification belt is a cattle with color identification feet, we usually refer to the dairy identification! The cattle with colorful recognition is a helper tool to manage reliable use of cow breeding, which can effectively prevent all kinds of accidents caused by erroneous identification of cows.
The role of dairy identification belt
The role of dairy identification belt is basically the same, mainly to facilitate the work of staff: generally tie the identification belt on the boom, the staff can be used quickly A preliminary understanding of the status of the cattle, and it can also quickly determine the rapid identity of all kinds of cattle.
Dairy Identification Belt
1, non-buckled dairy identification belt
2, buckled dairy catalog with
The size of the buckled dairy recognition belt can be free to adjust, not easy to fall off, guarantee The uniqueness and correctness of the identification object.
Different color representations Different
Color recognition feet have significant advantages in the dairy breeding process, and different colors of dairy identification belts are used to distinguish between different diseases. For example:
Dai blue identified cattle indicates that a critically ill-critically care is required;
Daihong logo is used to use antibiotics during the disease;
In this case, remind The dairy is the body condition of the cattle, ensuring that there is no anti-to-source milk source into the next flow. This category is not reduced in breeding risks.
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