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Due to the simple facilities, the satling chicken is planted, and it is easy to cause parasitic infection. Chicken balls is a parasite disease caused by various coccidine from Emier, which is caused by a parasite disease caused by the intestines, mainly infringed on the chicken within March. Especially the 15-45 days old cock is most prone to occur, can lead to anemia, blood dismissal, growth and development, and reduce the huge losses in the rice chicken industry. Clinical symptoms of acute diseases are 2 to 3 weeks, more common in chicks. At the beginning of the pathogenesis, the feathers are muted, do not love activities, loss of appetite, pale crown and visual mucosa, gradually slim, drainage, and a small amount of blood. If it is a pelletosis, the feces are brown, which will become blood. The chick mortality rate is as high as 100%. Chronic types are more than 2 to 4 months of chicks and chickens, symptoms like acute, but not significantly. The course is also slightly long, dragged to weeks or months. The sick chickens are gradually thin, and the eggs of chickens are reduced, intermittent, but less death. Correasury disease-type disease-spindle colon nectaria disease disease is mainly in the blindstone, crusal, full of blood or blood clots, intestinal wall hypertrophy, there are many bleeding spots and erosion, other organs have different blood loss. Small colonoctosis has changed many in front of the small intestine, the intestinal tube is abnormal, generally 2 to 3 times the normal thickness, the slurry surface can be seen, and the intestine is removed, and there are many blood points in the mucosa, and there are often Mucus and blood clots. Prevention measures: Isolated chicken: All chickens inside and outside the chicken is only concentrated in large chicken houses, detect sick chops and suspicious chickens for isolation treatment. Strengthen feeding management: Immediately clean the chicken house, completely clean the ground, bowl, and water. During the disease, you must clean it every day, and the replacement of the gas is also sterilized. The pad is deposited from the chicken house to kill the coccidial oocyst. Drug prevention and treatment: chicken infected with poodle disease, degrade, drinking, and drinking drugs when the drink is not reduced. It can be treated with eucalyptus essential oil drinking water, as a pure natural plant extract, in line with the requirements of no resistance, absolute green, safe, drug-free, mechanism, unique, unique, can never produce drug resistance. This article is transferred from Longchang dynamic official website
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