Take you to understand China’s big white cat – Shandong Linqing Cat

timg (2).jpg China’s big white cat originates from Shandong, from Shandong Linqing Cat. It is one of China’s current popular pet cats, and the footprints are all over the country, and they love the favorite and appreciation of cats. The big white cat is divided into two kinds of long-haired cats and short-haired cats. Many people will mistake it to Persian cat, but the two are actually completely different cat varieties.

White Cat is white, the head type is seen between the circles and wedges, and the whole is a little face. The forehead of the big white cat is full, the position of the ear is more moderate in the head, and if it is a long-haired cat, it will be decorated in the ear. Looking at the eyes of the big white cat and very bright, present apricot, the color of the eyes mainly has blue, green, orange, etc., the color of the eye is sometimes a blue.

The nose of the big white cat is relatively long and straight, excessive round smoothing and there is no significant amount, the nose presents pink or brick. The cat’s lower arc is more moderate, strong and powerful, and it is strong when chewing. When the big white cat grows into adults, the body is long-term or large, and their body is very compact, the chest is deeper and the muscles are developed. The length of the large white cat is reasonable, strong, and the tail is better.

The big white cat of the long-haired variety, the body’s hair is thick and thick, and longer, in cold winter can effectively resist cold, of course, in daily life, it also needs to be cleaned daily. The big white cat of the short-haired variety, hair is slightly short, compared to the process of being tested, but in the process of feeding, it is best to clean and finish every day. To keep your cat’s body cleaning, it also makes the big white cat can have healthy every day.

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