Take you understand the secret of cats

u=4182850593,2156694730&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Japanese often say “the word tongue”, used to describe a person who is afraid of hot things or hot soup, I feel very interesting. Why do you want to use the “Tid tongue” to describe? Probably because the cat really can’t eat hot food, “Tmall tongue” is of course very afraid!

But this can not blame cat, because In addition to human beings, there is probably no other animals will like to drink hot food, like hot pot, just fried things …, for them, this is not normal, or a torture . Especially for cats such as cats, the most suitable food temperature is actually the body temperature of general small animals. It is about 35 degrees to bottom, about 35 degrees, which is the most natural. Food temperature is also the best to stimulate your temperature for your cat.

So, if you want to cook something yourself to eat, or when you want to heat the ice, you will be hot, it is best to let cool to the temperature of the general animal body, and give the land to eat Cats may be more comfortable, and this is better to have a cat’s body.

Why is it that the cat is good, this is because if the cat often eats hot food (or superfined, the taste is too heavy food), the tongue taste will gradually be gradually slow, and it is not sensitive. Like light diet, the taste of the food will also decline. This can also be seen from the old cats that have gradually dull, and the A cat sometimes likes to drink my hot water. I have no time to stop, I only drink the taste of Jinjin, I think this water is too hot to the cat, he The tongue seems to feel less, I only feel that hot water is particularly stimulated, drinking especially good drink.

“Tong tongue” is afraid of hot, this represents the cat’s tongue health, you can distinguish you need food. Like the human beings with peppers, it will feel that there is no taste for the general food. It is actually very bad. It is very difficult to use the cat life. The old tongue is slower. So, “Tong Tong” also requires the owner to pay attention to take care of the “Tax”, the sensitivity of “Tong Tong”!

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