Take you understand the sleep of the dog’s sleep

src=http___pic4.zhimg.com_v2-6a54a23047e604bd7e78f400c77ba5ff_1200x500.jpg&refer=http___pic4.zhimg.jpg Because the dog does not speak, we have no way to know what they will appear in their sleep. Today, I will take you to meet the dog’s sleep. What kind of sleep is the high quality sleep of the dog?

I, how to sleep in the dog world is just sleep

Sleep of advanced mammals such as dogs and humans, in addition to allowing physical breaks, and automatically rests their brains, and playing the effects of memory. The deep sleep of the brain rest is “non-different sleep”, which is opposite to “unhappy sleep” that can rest.

“Does Sleep” means a sleep in the body that is already asleep but the eyes are still moving. When the dog can have a safe feeling of the guardian and environment around you, this safe command signal will be transported to the dog’s brain, let the dog gradually enter the “non-different sleep”, thus making the brain Get full rest.

A reminder:

Dog’s sleep frequency is 45 minutes, it is exactly half of human beings.

The body and brain repeatedly in “unusual sleep” and “non-different sleep” states, the work is connected to the non-maturity, which is generally less asleep. Eighthles.

1. Captive into sleep state;

2. Start sleeping slight sleep state;

    3. Enter deep sleep;

  • 4. Depth sleep, classified into No. 1 – 4 period, recovery fatigue and stress response, improve immunity and organizing damaged tissue Role;

  • 5. Then the body is ready to get up.

  • Third, the year old dog sleep

  • Now we know “Sleep” is the best way to eliminate fatigue, but old age The dog’s situation is: With the decrease in the body and function, natural sleep time will grow, but most of them are fragment-type sleep, that is, it is basically not guaranteed to high quality sleep quality.

If you can’t be asleep, you can’t organize damaged neuromic organizations very well, and you can’t adjust normal physiological activities such as metabolism. You can’t secrete hormones activated by your body. And stress reactions, these are not conducive to the body.


The old dog often occurs in the absence of metabolism, low body temperature, so it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature of the surrounding environment. Fourth, the dog comfortable sleep quality makes the dog frequently accepts the command signal, so that the emotions are active, such as eating, drinking water or sit down, etc., can make the dog thinking to accept the command signal and activate the brain Ministry, thereby increasing its sleep quality.

However, such a method does not work for some young dogs, so old dogs can also pass the moderate movement, so that their brain accepts more external stimuli, eventually reaching Can be skilled.

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