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The annual 9th, October is the second outbreak period of a culture of parasitic disease such as aquaculture, arson, anchor head. Most aquaculturers know that there is a toxic effect on fish with pesticides, but the insects are still normal, because everyone does not clear the specific toxic effect of insecticide drugs.
In recent days, Longchang’s Gao Zhiqiang visited the Tangkou in Hubei, and found a sporadic death of the Tangkou with a nuclear straw, and the proportion of fish in the fish was higher than that of the fish. Unexvuted discovery: the fat of the corner of the grass carp is yellow, the liver is serious, and the earth is yellow. Teacher tonel is the internal organs caused by poisoning.

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After using the pesticides, the abdominal fat of the pesticides was yellow. After the liver injury was seriously detailed, it was learned that the Tangkou was not abnormal in terms of water quality, feed and management, but in about half I found a wheelworm and anchor head, and used insecticides, which confirmed that the high teacher’s speculation was correct. WeChat picture _2018102102459.jpg

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Most farmers can’t accurately grasp the dose during the medication, which can cause excessive or excessive use, which can cause chronic or acute poisoning of fish, causing the viscerals of the fish, especially the lesion of the gallbladder, there is a flower liver, green Symptoms such as liver, gallbladder swollen, causing less fish, do not eat food, sway, black body, convulsions, etc., serious will directly cause death. In response to the symptoms of the above grassfish disease, it is recommended to detoxify the organic acid, vitamin C, sodium thiosulfate, etc.

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Bile Acid Use Effectively, for fish’s parasitic diseases, we always adhere to the principles of “prevention, active treatment, caution,”. It can choose natural, safe, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-stimulated dewormy products to prevent control, such as Longchang Le Chang, which is made of the lobular eucalyptus essential oil imported in Australia, to prevent alternative treatment, replacing insecticides It can solve the problem of parasites such as wheat, spore, referring to ring insects, anchors, and no injury, no bad water, no pollution, no drug disabled.

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