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In recent years, the consumption demand for human survival has become more and higher, and the resources can be used to continue to be shortage and are increasing. Only by using feed additives can make full use of unconventional feed resources to meet the growing demand for Xu products in humans. Due to the restrictions of natural resources, the natural product is low in natural state, the development cost is high, and the residual impurities cause safety risks; the manual synthetic feed additives are similar to natural structural identity, not The restrictions of natural resources are easy to produce, low cost, quality stability, unreacible season, climate geographic location, can continue to ensure stable supply.

Use feed additives to develop the basic needs of the modern feed industry, which is to ensure the safety, quality and performance of feed, and meet the effective supply of human livestock products.

The use of artificially synthetic feed additives mainly have the following advantages:

(1) Effective measures to ensure feed safety: such as a mildew, preservative, to prevent harmful microorganisms such as mold bacteria The impact of feed products maintain the health of breeding animals.

(2) Improve feed digestion and absorption utilization, protecting the ecological environment, such as enzyme preparations, can effectively improve the digestive ability of animals; micro-state preparations can effectively reduce the ammonia emissions in breastfeites such as cattle, protect the ecological environment .

(3) Improve the utilization rate of additives, many natural source of nutrient use, innate shortcomings. For example, most natural vitamin stability and utilization are not high, and the processing storage process is easy to cause loss of nutrient composition and loss, resulting in waste of resources. Artificial synthetic vitamins have the characteristics of good stability, high utilization, easy storage, etc., which can effectively make up for the defects of natural vitamins.

In summary, the role of artificial synthetic feed additives play in livestock production is multifaceted, and each of the modern livestock production is almost all penetrates the effect of additives. It is particularly pointed out here that it is often not using only single additives in livestock production, and several additives or composite additives are often used simultaneously, and therefore, the benefits of using feed additives in livestock production are often diverse or Synthetic. In order to complimentary trends, reduce breeding costs, the majority of farmers can choose different feed additives according to their own needs, I can consult me, welcome you.Consultation.

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