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Blue ear disease, arterial inflammation, viruses were separated in 1991. Even in today’s rapid development of technology, blue ear disease can still bring unrecognizable losses.

The pathogenesis of the pathogenesis
As representative of immunosuppressive disease, the blue-ear virus is mainly to attack the whole body macrophage system. The macrophage system is the second barrier of the innate defense, with the strongest phagocytosis, can swallow most of the foreign viruses and bacteria. After the phagocytic system in the body is destroyed by the blue ear virus, it is easy to relapse a lot of conditional diseases. Macrophages are still the main immune cells, and the blue-ear virus will damage the antigen presence of macrophages and affect the vaccine immune response.

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Left diagram, the injury of macrophages in alveoli can be considered to be a micro-leverance of blue ear

, and the right figure, severe Mendexual pneumonia can basically be considered to be blue, although interstitial pneumonia means viral diseases, other sexual diseases may be difficult to cause this typical lesion
, typical micro-lesions Not every blue-ear infection, can see
communication characteristics – sustainability communication
Continuous communication is a very important feature of blue ear disease, in the explosive period of sow, fattening pigs In the future, the sow will enter a steady state. Blue vessel will transfer to growth and breeding pigs. This continuous transmission will extent in the conservation pigs, which is not only propagated between the same batch, but also different batches. Therefore, the growth status of conservation pigs can largely measure the infection pressure of a boh blue ear disease.
The main ending of the infected individual
There have been sufficient laboratory data and clinical cases to prove that blue ear diseases are very closely correlated with some bacterial diseases. Blur viruses will be replicated in pulmonary vascular macrophages and alveolar macrophages and kill them. Unlike people and rodents (people and rodents remove bacteria and particles in the blood) mainly have the liver or cells and spleen macrophages to be completed), pigs remove blood circulationParticles, bacteria, endotoxin cells are mainly lung-related macrophages. Internal macrophage population injury will greatly reduce its phagocytosis and sterilization. Pig simple infection of blue virus body may be remarkably, Blue Person will continue to have a lot of conditional pathogenic bacteria, including Streptococcus, Piginal bacteriobacterium, Pig Pylori, etc., and many cases This excitation bacterial disease. Individual ending infected with blue ear disease may have a variety of depletion of respiratory system caused by mesenger pneumonia, and intermediate pneumonia caused by viral pneumonia will seriously reduce the gas exchange capacity of lungs, and the body cannot be sufficient. The oxygen failure is dead, and the blue ear is died in this situation in a pig farm in which the viral infection is high. There is also a situation in which secondary bacterial diseases such as Streptococcus and vice pigs, which include pericarditis, pleurisy, peritonitis, and more. Salurizing is a chronic consumable disease, and the individual pigs will last multi-system failure. The last is to face the same environment, the same poisonous pigs.

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The blue vessels in the pathogenesis can always see typical interstitial pneumonia, although interstitial pneumonia means viral diseases, but more may be blue ear, a lot Diseases and blood vessels have a close relationship, and the blue-ear virus has a tumored feature, and the lungs are the largest capillary network of the body. It can measure the infection of the disease and the degree of morbidity. This form of lungs, indicate that the pig farm has serious Virus infection pressure. Most anatomy, intermediate pneumonia is characterized by lung legacy, not collapse, due to alveolar increasing growth, resulting in an abnormal increase in the chest, so typical interstitial pneumonia will sometimes see characteristic Rib bone pressure.


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Salurizes can be used asAnother indicator of the stress of blue ear infection, the serum inflammation will accumulate substantive organs, so that the organ dysfunction, the sturdy farm infected in the blue ear, it is easy to see this

However, the serum is bacteria The scope of sexually transmitted diseases will not be directly caused by the virus

picture from the blue ear unstable field

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Eneehane encephalitis caused by Streptococcus is blue ear positive field Another major cause of the death of pork, the incidence of Streptococcus, the turbulence of the blue ear disease

The left picture is a general lesion of the brain, but generally anatomy judgment is not very high, only very serious Can you see it. Normally, the blood vessels can be seen very clear. When meningitis is serious, the blood vessel can be seen around the blood vessel, and the mete is reduced and thickening in the meantime

, the right figure is micro-leveled into chronic meningum brain. In terms of inflammation, the meninges have a large amount of mixed inflammatory cells mainly based on lymphocytes. With the development of the course, the toxins released by Streptococcus will destroy the capillaries, and the bacteria enters the cerebral deep skin with blood circulation, and forms a vascular casing. The brain is similar to the viral encephalopathy caused by swine fever, pseudohadia. Therefore, the pig will tremble, shaking the head and other neurological symptoms The pig farm facing severe viral infection is easy to relate bacterial meningitis, but it is important that some pigs will die.
Picture from a pair of death pigs, the death of neurological symptoms
Virus and injury – the meaning of the individual in the middle and late disease
The lung shape can be a good measure of the onset of blue ear virus and The degree of disease. But at this time, picking pigs is a very critical thing. If it is for anti-original detection, you must choose the early pathogenic pig. At this time, it is easy to detect viruses at this time, and the virus content will be high. One thing is equally applicable to other diseases, such as swine flu and pig flow diarrhea. However, for anatomy, or antibodies, early morbidity is not necessarily valuable. Even if the blue ear is extremely unstable, the pell status of the early pathogenesis is still veryOk, sometimes the high and low body damage of the virus is not absolutely positively correlated, and the virus content is high and the body is not damaged, but it is necessary to point out that viruses and body damage may not be carried out simultaneously. The pigs that have not yet formed the naked eye can not identify the diagnosis of damage, so it is necessary to pay attention to the early inaction of the incidence, not only for the diagnosis of the diagnosis of the intermediate and advanced individuals. Although the organism may have various damage when the animals are dead, it is difficult to distinguish between the contradictions, but if the pig is not died with the blue-ear related disease, even if it is dead, the lung form is sometimes very good. .

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Blue ear infection early lung form pictures, the left view can basically be considered normal lung, can be atrophy and collapse, the lungs in the right, the two kinds of lungs It can be detected by Blue Egg virus. In the early days of virus infection, it is sometimes unable to form naked eye to identify clinical symptoms of diagnosis. The general lesions of pigs in the middle and advanced diseases are very important. Mild interstitial pneumonia, micro-leverance can be well measuring the incidence or whether the picture is from the blue ear is very unstable field The importance of strict production management – a great production management Reducing clinical symptoms

The immunosuppression caused by blue ear is much better than the circular virus, which may be related to the single-core macrophage system of the blue-ear virus mainly attack the body. The target cells of the Blur virus are all body macrophages, including alveolar macrophages, pulmonary dipline epithelial cells, liver birting, brain-tummy cells, etc. . Simplified riped rings, pigs generally do not exhibit significant clinical symptoms in the case of relative production management. The ring virus is only in the immune system of the pig, in a non-pathogeneous state. In fact, the relationship between tissue injuries and clinical symptoms caused by simple cyclovirus is presented, and the typical micro-leverance caused by circular viruses, but the pig group has no obvious clinical symptoms. Blue ear disease requires very strict requirements for production management, which kind of not good may be guidedThe consequences of the bullion, good production management involve various links, including good birth weight, weaning weight, run diarrhea, and all stages. Regarding the birth weight, I have to say much, the birth weight is mostly determined by the gene, and there is little way after the day. Many people expect to achieve a good birth weight by increasing feeding in the late pregnancy, in fact, this is a big misunderstanding, and the consequences often lead to excessive sows in the sow, and the physical condition will lead to a decline in sow. Difficulties in production, breastfeeding pigs cannot be well developed. Experiments show that there may be a diet (such as adding a proper amount of lignocellulose), and organic chrome is effective in increasing birth weight in the late pregnancy. Management of the room stage is critical to the entire production management system. Even in some bohs that are very unstable, in the case of equivalent conditions, the same virus, the saucer is always very good, and can still reach fattening with relatively good growth speed. The last case of the individual ending of the infected blue ear mentioned above. These surviving and good pigs may basically be slightly large, and they can eat a lot of milk, with a good weighing body, this pig is basically in the advantage of all aspects of growth. The disease itself is the result of mutual struggle between foreign antigens and body, if their own immune system is good enough, will greatly reduce the power of antigen. Therefore, we will find ways to increase the advantages of the surviving pig, which will greatly reduce the loss of disease, and the good production management will greatly reduce the pathogenicity of the antigen. This also explains the same strain in different pig farms, and the clinical symptoms shown in different individuals may have a thousand different. Biosafety is also very important. At this time, the significance of biosafety is not only to prevent viral infection, but also introducing new viruses, new viruses include new blue-ear strains, epidemic diarrhea viruses, swine fever, etc.


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In the same environment, surviving pigs, in fact, this group can also detect blue-ear virus

This group will still be relatively good.Growth speed reaches fattening, listing
The picture comes from the blue ear is very unstable The class stage of the production system is in the core stage of the production system

The importance of production management in the mammal stage is that the entire pig system has already been determined. Success or failure, in fact, various animals are like this, this stage is in the entire production of throat position. It is very poor in this stage, and the individual weaned pigs is generally weak. No matter what method used in the later period, it will not achieve good production results. Especially for blue-ear positive unstable fields, pig owners with low weighing weight have lost their value from the perspective of the economy. 7.png

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The map in the left is basically in good weight to the listing

The pig in the picture may continue to survive, but in the later period Any way, it is difficult to achieve good production results, especially in some blue ear unstable fields, the pig in the right picture has lost the meaning of continued feeding
Production management of the catenary stage is in the entire production of throat position
Maintaining group balance is the key-balance of prevention and control
Measures for purifying blue vesicles at this stage include, all groups eliminated, or in-one introduction of sufficient reserve sow and then seal half a year. The whole group is eliminated at this stage, and the implementation of the seal will be difficult to do every link. The prevention and control of blue ear disease is to form a balance, which is the balance between the blue-ear virus and the entire pig, which is important and can be established. With the epidemics of viruses, the pathogenicity of Bluene viruses will be lower and lower, which is a kind of pathogenesis of any viral disease, so there is a positive stability. At present, the pig group can be injected into a vaccine to obtain a uniform infection to obtain a balance, but the blue ear-positive field immunized blue ear volatile may not be a good choice, some scholars pointed out that the weak drug seedlings can be Mitigation of viral temperament but does not significantly reduce clinical symptoms and lung injury, and it is possible to restructuring the vaccine strain and viruses, and a new strain is produced. At this stage, the most important blue ear flow in ChinaThe threaded strain is a class NADC30 series, and one of this virus is to be easily reorganized with other viruses. Professor Yang Hanchun discovered that the TJNH1501 of the new strain, the characteristics of the new drug plant were NADC30 and anestable vaccine highly pathogenic Jiangxi strain to produce new individuals to represent new onset, blue ear vaccine to variabrates The protection is very poor, regardless of how many vaccines are immunized, the antibodies formed of this vaccine are also difficult to experience. The antibodies produced by the body itself also form a balance, which may not be immunized to the blue ear positive field. It is a good choice.
This balance is easy to establish for those pig farms with only a single strain. But many times, this balance is easily broken, such as frequent pigment, poor biosafety, etc., the consequence is to re-find new susceptible individuals, dead ashes, re-rejuvenation. Source: PIG333 World Pig Industry Window

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