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During the process of cultured meat sheep, the common disease farmers in the meat sheep must understand. Because in the event of a disease, it is not only a bad impact on the growth and development of the meat sheep, but also causing a certain loss on the farm. Winter is the peak season of meat sheep, so special attention should be taken in winter, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Let’s talk about the rotten mouth of the meat sheep, because this disease is relatively high in winter, belongs to infectious diseases, and farmers need to prevention.
Meat cot’s rot no mouth disease is caused by macromolecular viruses, with oral lesions as a main symptom, and the speed of infection is relatively fast, and is the most prone to long-distance transportation. The meat sheep is started from the corner of the mouth, and then gradually spreads to the whole lips, with the herpes of thick, severe oral swelling, ulceration, can’t eat symptoms such as symptoms.

Method for treating rotten mouth:
First use bamboo sheet to scrape off, and then treat it. The disinfection method is to remove the skin, wash the affected area with thick saline, 50% of the powder, powder, 30%, potassium permanganate, stir well, apply it to the affected area. Then use the following methods:
1, March bubble lame after drying, after the powder, the ulinating place applied to the meat, every day, it is possible to see it.
2, after mating with wild taro, soak it with human urine, it can be effectively applied in the meat and sheep.
3, with an appropriate amount of grass ash mixed with tung oil into a paste, apply it in the rotten mouth.
4, burn ash with bananas or banana, plus coal oils into paste smeared in the rotten mouth.

Curficing is a common disease. If there is a pathogenesis of meat sheep to isolate the treatment, strengthen feeding management, the contaminated sheep house can be used 2% carnoid, or 20% hot grass, or 20% lime milk Thoroughly disinfected. This disease is mainly prevention, so as not to cause the occurrence of disease, causing more serious consequences.

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