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After the lamb, fattening is the main way of lamb production, in general, small or body The abortion lamb will perform a moderate fattening, improve the strength of the body mass or good physical condition, can further improve economic benefits. This kind of technology is flexible, visible to local pasture status and lamb types to choose a fertilizer mode, such as strength fattening or general fattening, grazing fattening or house fertilizer, etc. Crude Feed and silage Feed type fattening, and treated separately in feeding management. (1) Full-precoferous diet This method is only suitable for a robust lamb child fertilizer with 35 kg, and fertilizers through strength. 50 days reached 48-50 kg on the market weight. It is recommended that the diet is prepared by the corn soybean meal, and the feeding management should ensure that the lamb will be given each additional per day. feed 45 ~ 90 grams, you can feed a small amount of straw alone, you can use straw Grass is satisfied, when the shamp is replaced daily. (2) Coarse Feed Type Japanese Food Refillment This method is divided into ordinary fed tanks and automatic feeding in accordance with the feeding method. The former is separated from the fine material and the bold. The latter is The full-day grain feeding mixed together . In order to reduce feed , it is recommended to scale, the intensive meat feeding field is used for automatic feeding, using thick feed . Diet: 58.75% of corn, 40% hay, 1.25% soybean cake, 1% antibiotics. This formula was air-dried Feed contains 11.37% of crude protein, total digestive nutrients of 67.10%, calcium 0.26%, phosphorus 0.26%, and crude ratio of 60:40. Guidelines for feeding management: The dry grass should be based on legistro, its crude protein content is not less than 14%; formulated diet is consistent, especially with ear corn must be crushed, and it is difficult to lamb. Jumping out of corn grains, the commonly used screen hole is 0.65 cm. According to the principle of gradual slow change, let the lamb gradually transferred to the full feeding of fattening, each of the lambs, is put on 1.5 kg standard. (3) Silage Feed Type Japanese Food Refere With corn silage feed , it can account for 67.5% to 87.6% of diet. Generally, it is difficult to apply the lambs and short-term strength fattening lambs in the early days, but if they choose the raw materials such as bean pastures, whole strains, molasses, beet slags, and appropriately reduce the proportion of their food, can also be used for strength fattening, The fattening period of the lamb will be greatly shortened, and the daily weight of fattening can reach 160 grams. 27% of the grain corn granules, 67.5% of silage corn, 5% silage cake, 0.5% limestone powder, vitamin A and vitamin D are 1100 international units and 110 international units, antibiotics 11 mg. This formula is air-dried in feed , contains 11.31% of crude protein, 70.9% of total digestion, 0.47% calcium, 0.29% phosphorus, and crude ratio of 67:33.

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