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In the production of chicken production, breeding is very important, and the fruits of brooding, which not only affects the survival rate of chicks, but will also affect the egg yield rate. Therefore, we must strictly care.
1 To choose a high quality chick seedlings

High-quality chicken is the key to the success of breeding. To choose a large manufacturer, a healthy and strong chick seedlings, eliminate weak bullies. The healthy chick seedlings are net, soft and gloss, the egg yolk in the abdomen is better, and the umbilical ring is tightened. Vitality is strong, the sound is clear, and the eyes have God. Standing walking, there is no swing left and right. Chicks that do not meet these features should be removed.

The matters need to prepare before the chicks

In emerging chicken seedlings, you should clean and clean the chickhouse and chicken cage. There is no contaminant residue, and then the chicken house is fully disinfected. After spraying with 2% of the steriline water, put all the cakes in the chick house, put the door and window, block the doors and windows, fumigation with Folumin, 14ml Solution per 1m3 Potassium permanganate 7g, first pour the formalin solution into the non-metallic container, then add potassium permanganate, there will be disinfection fog, people must leave the chicken. Fumigation is to keep the temperature at around 20 ° C, the humidity is maintained at 70% to ensure fumigation. After the fumigation is 24 to 48 hours, open the door and window to ventilate. The first 1 to 2 days before jumiting should preheat the heating in advance.

3 After entering the child, drinking water and feeding should be in time

After the chick enters the chicken house, take a little rest, just drink. Just starting drinking water, adding 5% electrolytic (or vitamin C), and 10% of glucose water to facilitate the absorption of residual egg yolk in the abdomen, and observe it, if you find that there is no drink, you should Cut the chicks in your hand and people drink water. Try to do every chicken to drink water, this is an important step in promoting growth. Antibiotics can also be added to the water to prevent chicken white diarrhea. After 7 ~ 10 days, it is changed with warm water drinks. When the chicks are fully drinking water for 1 to 2 hours, they can be found, sprinkle the feed on the material, so that the chick can eat the feed. Feeding should be added less, fed 5 ~ 6 times a day in 1 ~ 2 weeks, 3 to 4 weeks, 5 times a day, 5 weeks after 3 ~ 4 times a day. If antibiotics are added in drinking water, 0.2% oxytes can be added to the material.It is possible to prevent chicken strain. Veterinary drugs join

4 Controlling light

Reasonable illumination time can not only promote chick activities, but also easy to eat and drink water, promote the sexual premature premature of chicken. Light time is generally 23 ~ 24h within 7 days, so that the chicks are familiar with the environment as soon as possible, prompting chicks to eat, drinking water, increases exercise, promoting muscle skeleton growth, preventing diseases, and improving production performance. After 1 hour per day, it was changed to 8H light or natural light by about 21 days, and the light intensity was generally used in 15 to 25W bulbs.

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