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The yak cultivation is directly related to the size of the profit of the cattle, according to the cattle growth stage, we call the cattle born to 3 months old. Yak feeding is premature or too late, is unfavorable to its growth and health. Practice has proved that the yak 3 weeks of age is starting to feed the forage. The calf is within 3 weeks old, and the pretty stomach (rumen, net stomach, flap) is very small, does not have the ability to digest herbs, and there is no microorganism and cormifrust, and can only rely on milk to enter the true stomach for absorption. At this time, feed the forage, will increase the burden on the calf in the calf, causing disease. If the feeding is late, the gastric intestines do not exercise, and the pretty stomach growth is slow, and the volume is too small, and it will affect growth and health. After the yak is 3 weeks old, the pretty stomach increases rapidly, and the microorganism begins with the stomach with a small amount of food and drinking water. At this time, the calf begins to have a rution. At this time, you will start feeding fresh grass, wild vegetables, high-quality green grass, crushing fine feed, etc., and increase the amount of hemorrhagic and crude feed, which can avoid disease, and promote prestige development. The propagation of microorganisms and ciliary in the raft, making it gradually strengthened with the function of digestive forage and feed, saving a large number of crude feed after the bovine, long, and we will lay a good foundation. The yak growing stage, the rumen development has not yet been completely, relying on breast milk absorption, once weaning will produce weaning stress, then feed the yak special refining materials, good equation, more easy to absorb, can help the calf Spend stress. The characteristics of yak refining materials are mainly: good quality, yak love to eat; high temperature granulation, feed, easy digestion absorption; can prevent weaning stress, enhance resistance! When feeding the yak granules, with the grass and feed together, promote digestion and absorption, which is beneficial to the yak grow!
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