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Circum-raising the habit of the original stocking of the sheep, making the physiological process of the sheep A variety of changes. But people tend to ignore this change, and some aspects of the management of the sheep are not in place, causing a lot of problems in the loop. For example: sheep does not love, no spirit, no sheep does not love estrus, estrus, have multiple breeding, difficult to childbirth, premature birth, weakness, weakness, lamb, raising, it is: Will breathe, breathing , Pulse, not standing, the body temperature is lower than normal level, dead fat, etc., the ram is more fertilizer or slim, resulting in lowestibility, climbing difficulties or does not climb, ejaculation reduction, semen thin, sperm vitality, etc. . There are a lot of reasons for the above many problems, but one of them is often overlooked, which is also a problem that is generally existed after sheep. Although the collar is free exercise in the sports field, there is no presence, the so-called free movement in the sports field, and it has become free to stand or sleep. Since long-term standing lying is insufficient, the amount of foraging in the ewec is gradually decreasing, and the intrachestocrine, the peristaltic function is decreased, and the digestion, the absorber can be reduced. Long-term gastrointestinal variety of fills, decline, causing indigestion and malnutrition, weight loss, etc. Because of the long-term lying, insufficient exercise, especially in the breeding period, feeding is relatively more, so that the raw raw sheep is fat, and the endocrine is imbalance, the movement is slow, the sexual desire is low, the semen is thin, The rate is reduced, so that the mother’s pregnancy will be reduced. In addition to the influence of the digestive system and the reproductive system, the exercise also affects the animal’s respiratory system, circulatory system and endocrine such as the animal, so that this series of physiological changes occur. There is also a related problem, that is, the looped sheep is usually what to eat for a sheep manager. In particular, the winter and spring season lack of green juicy feed, people don’t pay attention to pouring a variety of vitamins of green juicy feed, and the sheep only cause serious nutrient lack, and normal physiological functions are affected. Especially in the winter lamb ewec, there are about half a month in the previous year, there is a phenomenon that the limbs or lifting difficulties, and even lying. Long-term side, causing the dysplasia of the fetal fetus, the lambs of the tires are weak, and it is difficult to survive the sheep should be reasonably taken.Material, crude feed match, protein feed and energy feed balance fed!
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