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Many books and materials have been introduced in the feeding management of Blue Fox. The purpose of our breeding fantasy is to breed more Pantry. Our focus is the prosperity of the full garden. Whether it is estrus, breeding, pregnancy, production, health.
Each step must be buried in the lower stage and make the foundation. Don’t cut off all links to avoid speaking when the breeding is striking, the fox is wounded. Let’s talk about my views on several details in Mother Fox.
First, the reduction is not stomach. The breeding of Mother Fox is different from the commodity fox. It is basically carried out in the control. Even when it is topdressing, it is not enough to eat. Especially in the critical period of reproduction, everyone preparationful feed nutrients is high. In order not to make it fat, it limits its dry matter intake. Over time, its stomach will gradually shrink.
I think this is very bad, and the appetite of a good appetite is the key to the survival of the beast. What is an appetite, that is, it is to eat the desire to eat, that is, its hunger. The stronger the hunger, the stronger appetite. How to increase its hunger?
We have to put its fullness and empty stomach, that is, the volume of food it eats is large. . Eat. In this way, we have prepared conditions when we eat it in the future.
Some friends responded to the appetite from estrus, I analyzed that the stomach was very small, and the hunger is not very strong. In addition, the effect of sex hormones is diligent, and the sexual desire and pregnancy have diligent appetite. Eat is not good, it is inevitable.
Some friends added some fresh vegetables and bran, which increased its satiety and added vitamins. Second, develop a good eating habit to the mother. Training it quickly fell quickly in a short period of time, and must be handed over. After eating, remove the food box, time long, it will know if you don’t hurry to eat for a while. This is also helpful to have a good appetite.
A lot of friends habited to add food, no matter how two hours, I went to the cartridge and even said. Especially in the breeding period and pregnancy, I am afraid it can’t eat it, get a food box and put it on the cage every day. This way it doesn’t have a good condition for food, noThere is an appetite, even looked up.
Do you still like it? Again a quick toave box is conducive to observing the health of the fox, in general, there will be problems from appetite, which is conducive to timely discovering timely treatment. Do not remove the box in time, when it is more symptoms, I don’t know when I don’t know, I can’t find it, I don’t have to eat, I often have not been treated.
During breastfeeding, due to the mother-inmother feeding, it is often not coming, but it can be put a few days, but must observe if the food box is fresh, it means that it will not be eaten, then less or not to add, let It recovers the habit of eating food. Third, the application of fat and carbohydrate in the body condition mediation. We have to figure out a few questions before saying this. The physical condition of the fox, that is, its fattyness is determined by the degree of fat accumulation of the fox. So where is the fat in the body? We all know that there should be these three aspects.
1, taken directly in the food. 2, in vivo protein metabolism to transition. 3, excess carbohydrate conversion in the body.
What roots are they there in fat and carbohydrates? Fat is one of the important components constituting the body, and all body tissues contain fat, which is the main substance of the heat supply in vivo, which is also a carrier of lipolytic vitamins.
Carbohydrate is also an important component of the body organization, which is divided into two major categories of crude fibers that provide heat for the body and the crude fibers that cannot be digestically absorbed.
From the above, it is essential from fat and carbohydrates that are essential, and you can do not have to be regarded as flood beasts in the reproductive period.
Appropriate fat addition can make protein effectively utilize without excessive addition, excessive protein is not digested directly excreted, causing waste, digestive absorption, and excessive transformation into fat, which causes waste In addition, the digestive system burden is added.
Appropriate addition of fat can also absorb the fat soluble vitamins. Avoid metabolic diseases and reproductive disorders caused by lack of fat-soluble vitamins.
The same carbohydrate should also be added appropriately. Only by metabolism, it will be converted into fat accumulation. It is important that the part of the crude fibers can promote intestinal motility and increase gastrointestinal digestive function. It is conducive to gastrointestinal emptying to enhance its appetite. But never excessive.
Fourth, insist on stabilizationAnd the principle of progressive progress. Stress is the enemy of Blue Fox, many people have not attached attention. Blue fox is a strong response, and each time you should need a few days or even for a few days. Therefore, each time we adjust the feed formula and feed dry dilution, it must be graduated, let It has an adaptation process.

In particular, we can move hard sleeves from the ways to learn from others, so as not to cause stress. Suddenly, it will induce a slap induction, and suddenly the meal will appear normal, and then eat less than a day. The sudden change in the environment will make it uneasy. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to pregnancy and premium.
Five, adhere to the principle of me as the master and Bo. After several years of feeding management practice, each of us has formed a set of things.
With many different theories and methods, they will encounter a lot of theories and methods. At this time, we must neither self-respect, and we can’t self-finish. We have to make a reasonable comparison with your own things, compare is good and suitable for Your own, take your own integration, truly used me.
Like a renovation house, even if we are just a wall of the white brick, set a piece of color brick in the appropriate position, the whole wall will immediately live. Since the cloud is also clouded, the hard sleeve, because there are many details and essence that can not understand, it will be similar to God, and it will not get a good effect.
Do not completely negate yourself, this year and Dongxue next year and West, finally put himself, we will feel more and more will not raise. We don’t sustain a person and a way, based on its own, Bo Cai, really doing good ways to make some good way, integrate into your own system, constantly self-improvement.

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