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There are many types of cubs and diarrhea, the condition is complicated, the harm is large, especially in group-nutrified reels, the incidence of diarrhea infectious disease is high, the mortality is also very high, and the mortality is also high. Direct harm to the sheep production. During the winter, the spring season, the climate is changed, and the feeding management has a close relationship, E. coli, Salmonella’s infection is secondary factor.

Characteristics of the disease

The morbidity, the incidence, the mortality, and less in the past 7 days of age. It is often due to 1 hair, and it is used to infect to the whole group. There is no obvious seasonal in the wrong.

Diarrhea suddenly, less vomiting, yellow or yellow white water stasis, stinky, the course is acute or chronic, and finally died in dehydration and weight loss. After study on clinical cases, it is mainly divided into diarrhea and diarrhea caused by diarrhea induced by pathogenic bacteria, and the diarrhea cases caused by the two are 59% and 41%, respectively.

Fungine Diarrhea

1, B Wei Shissea: The diarrhea is also known as the mortgage of mortgage. The sickness of the sheep, the back of the sheep, the back of the back, did not eat milk, shortly continuous dramatic diarrhea, the feces turned into water samples, yellow white or gray, late, brown, forming blood, stress, stress. 1 ~ 3D failure death. A small number of lambs show neurological symptoms, bloating without dysentery, weakness, bedding, breathing, mouth vomin, corner bow, body temperature drop, constant hours after death.

2, Mildew: The growth of sheep is blocked, the amount of food is reduced, the hair is rough, the body temperature decreases, the color of the water, the color of the feces is yellowish, which should remove mildew in time.

1, catholic: mainly caused by Emmy Termetle, with repeated pulse-based, the most susceptible to infection of 2 to 4 months old lamb Insect disease. Adult ram is mostly a weapon but does not have a disease. In a high temperature, high humidity, high-density and sanitary conditions, the lambs in the rainy season or after the rainy season are most likelusive. The sorrow wool is generally thin, the spirit is weak, walking, the loss of appetite, the mucosa, can be pale. The sorrows have a sharp drop, the feces is brown, green, and black have occurred, often with a large amount of intestinal mucosa, malodor. Some have a rush, and the abdominal pain is scream. Caracanogenesis is smallThe intestinal mucosa has a large amount of light yellow or milky white circles, ovoid nodules, from rapeseed grains to rice particles. The feces and intestinal mucosal scrapes are visible, and a large number of eggs can be seen.

2, Cryptosporic: Cryptospori is a human animal, which can cause 3 to 35 days old lamb to be diarrhea. It is usually necessary to complete the history of life with the historical history. Infection in the portal pathway. As the insectic eggs discharged from the feces, there is an infection capability, and the average latency is 4d. The feeding and lamb environment is poor, crowded, moist is the main cause of the outbreak, and the patients often have a refractory diarrhea. If accompanied by secondary infection, symptoms have significantly aggravated, and the mortality line has risen.

Prevention and treatment method

Prevent the lactarial diarrhea, first strengthen management.

One is reasonable feeding and feeding the nutrition. Choose fresh green grass or leggows, suitable supplements made of soybean cakes, corn, wheat bran, salt, minerals, etc., regularly feeding, less feeding, avoid lamb injury.

The second is to keep the sheep house clean and hygiene. The flock density is not too big. Diligently change the grass, timely remove the feces, supply water, and regularly spray disinfection with 10% lime water or 30% grass ash. Keep the sheep house dry clean.

The third is to graze outdoors in time. Sunny day rushes the lamb to outdoors, let the lamb receive sunshine, increase the amount of activity, increase the content of vitamin D and cholesterol in the lamb, promote bone development, and enhance physical fitness. The cold flow and frost is not to grazing, so as not to avoid lambs or vegetable grass with frost.

Fourth, Chinese herbal medicine prevention. Wash the fresh dandel kit, directly feed the sheep or smashed the raised sheep, which can prevent diarrhea and therapeutic effect. Chinese herbal medicine is easy, simple, low cost, good effect, dosage requirements, no poisonous side effects, suitable for farmers to raise sheep disease.

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