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Yanghu fatty disease is a kind of yellow-based fat tissue Pigment deposition disease, also known as “yellow hormone”, some also known as yellow fat or nutrient liposome. In the slaughter, the fat, fat, yellowing, and the “yellow meat” caused by the disease due to the disease caused by the feed. Huang Yu meat is a non-normal yellowing of fat, and Huang Yu is divided into jaundice and yellow fat meat. Yellow meat is sick, and it cannot be eaten. Calcipated meat can be eaten from the case.
First, yellow fat meat

yellow fat meat, the fat of this meat is yellow. The cause of fat is mainly related to the type and quality of the feed.

1, pigment deposition

Long-term feeding containing rich yellow-containing feed, such as carrots, yellow corn, pumpkin, purple cloud, etc., the yellow pigment in these raw materials is deposited after entering the body In fat, the fat exhibits different degrees of yellow. 2, an oxidation reaction
unsaturated fatty acid in adipose tissue is easily oxidized to form waxy samples in a fat cell. Wax samples are placed in fat cells or have a yellow in macrophages. The reason is due to a large amount of feed containing a large amount of unsaturated fatty acid, such as fish powder, silkworm, oil residue, buckwheat, etc. caused by body metabolism.
3, lack of vitamin E There is a lack of vitamin E or antioxidants in the diet. This yellow fat will gradually weaken in the environment where air circulation does not affect edible.
4, genetic factors
Most of the pigs in the pigs with yellow fat meat are more meat, but also the three-mesel pigs, while lean pigs (purity ) There is no happening, which means that it may be related to the pig. Some varieties of animals have genetic defects, causing animal in vivo pigment metabolism. Li Kejun et al. (1991 found that Huayi and genetics). Barton et al. (1993) in the beef cattle in the bulls also showed that Huang Hongmao et al. (2004), also found that Huang fat phenomenon is also related to age, age The longer the big yellow fat. Second, Huang Xi meat
jaundice: not only in the body cavity fat and subcutaneous fat in yellow, but also mucous membrane, sclera, conjunctiva, serum, blood film, tendon, and skin. The cause of jaundice is due to certain infectious or poisoned diseases cause a bile excretion barrier, causing a large amount of bilirubin into the blood, causing a full body tissue.
Excessive bilirubin can be caused by the following factors. Blood due to microbial toxins, chemical poisons, parasitic damage, there is a large amount of red blood cells to be destroyed, which is increased. 2 The liver is sick, and the bilirubin that is not allowed to produce bile, and excessive bilirubin is accumulated. 3 biliary clogging, such as cholangi and gallbladder inflammation, stones, tumors, etc. Ballbladder containing bile can’t be discharged smoothly. So, it is a disease, can’t eat. Cherbin hyperkasic prevention measures: (1) Recommended by manufacturers to compound feed, not using pigs and large amounts of melet chickens containing unsaturated fatty acids.
(2) Pay attention to the crude day of diet, more water to fill the filling, to ensure that the sheep is only healthy, reducing the occurrence of metabolic diseases such as fatty liver.
(3) Do not feed expiration, mildew forage.
(4) Do a good job in the pendulum of the sheep.

Yanghuang fatty disease mainly is mainly prevention, once it is necessary to treat it in time, I have found that it is very difficult to cure late, so I have to do a good job in the scientific feeding management of the flock to grow the healthy and stable growth and development of the flock.

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