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With the development of the aquaculture, more and more people, in order to improve the profit Shorten the output time, use the form of raising feed, then what kind of feed recipe is reasonable? First, the formulation of fine feed
fine feed includes energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, trace element, and vitamins. The energy feed is mainly corn, sorghum, barley, etc., about 60% -70% of the fine feed. Protein feed mainly includes a bean cake (), cotton pie (), peanut cake, etc., about 20% -25% of the fine feed. The cotton district fattened beef protein feed should be based on cotton pie () to reduce feed costs, yak feed, and youth fish can add 5% -10% bean cake (). Cotton pie produced by small workshops cannot feed cattle to prevent cottonol poisoning. Cotton pie (), bean cake (), peanut cakes The maximum daily amount should not exceed 3 kg. Mineral feeds include bone flour, salt, small soda, trace elements, vitamin additives, generally account for 3% -5% of the fine feed. The amount of young cattle dairy powder is about 2% of the fine feed, and the shelf sill will account for 0.5% -1%. Winter, spring, autumnal salt adds quantities account for 0.5% -0.8% of the amount of fine feed, and the amount of summer is added to 1% -1.2% of the amount of fine feed. When the wine is the main crude feed, it should be added to the small soda, add 1% of the amount of fine feed, and other coarse feeds, add 0.3% -0.5% of the amount of refined feed. Trace elements, vitamin additives can generally do not formulate themselves, need to purchase from a regular manufacturer, in accordance with the instructions in the specified period, it is strictly forbidden to apply “three no” products.
Second, particle feed fattening cattle
will be fine, crude feed is mixed, and the pellets are added to feeding fattening cattle, which can increase weight, reduce feed waste, significantly shorten the test time of the test cow, shorten the workers Labor time and labor intensity, improve labor quota, which greatly reduces costs. Formula: 47.5% of corn sides, bran, 10% cotton cake, 1% of additives, 0.5% salt, 1% of bone powder, 35% of wheat straw or grass powder. Third, the precautions for the preparation of fine feed
It is strictly forbidden to add additives, sex hormones, protein assimilation hormones, spiritual medicines, and anti-drugs.Breast filter residue and other drugs. Additives and drugs that are allowed to be used in strictly followed by regulations. It is strictly forbidden to use meat powder. The moisture content in the feed shall not exceed 14%. The cattle and sheep feed small knit: There are many kinds of cattle and sheep feed, and friends must choose the feed, reasonable feed matching to raise the fat cattle!
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