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Beef cattle farmers becomes more and more developed, more and more profits received, today we Talk to a few key technologies that talk about cow farming. First, we must want to raise a good cow, it is a key, and the good beef cattle is doubled than the local cattle breeds, like Roussi, Simen Tar, Limuzi, Charlotley cow is current fattening. Best varieties of cattle, choosing good beef cattle varieties are based on the bacon.
Second, I want to make the bold feed of the beef cattle is the key. There are many innate advantages in the rural cattle, and the feed is also a very good feed of all kinds of crop straw. After simple processing, you can feed it. Cattle. Third, rationalization should pay attention to the nurses and seeds are not the same, only carefully feeding can reduce the incidence of beef cattle, increase the growth rate of beef cattle, and learn how to scientifically and nurses is the fundamental development. Fourth, the construction of the buffalo is very comfortable, the requirements of the beef cattle are not high, but as long as it is a creature, it will want a stable nest. The cowhouse should keep the winter warm and summer cool, let the cattle live comfortably, diligent, and diligent Cleaning, ventilated, good light, so it is the place where the beef is love. Fifth, beef cattle growth Jianrogao is the key, and it is necessary to regularly give cow to be healthy in the stomach period during the bull. Drug insects, increase trace elements. This effectively accelerates the growth rate of beef cattle, and the stomach and deworming drugs are usually fed once in 1-2 months. Sixth, reasonable matching feed matching amount, fine feed is the key to fattening cattle, only the fine feed will be long, the beef cattle will be long, to think the baby is growing fast, nutrition is full of fine material belt, reasonable fine feed match More benefits to meat cattle, you have to have a balance of nutrients in the daily nutrients of the beef cattle. Seven, beef cattle disease prevention, in the early days of the nurses, the key to scientific and nurses, it is inevitable that various laughs will have a problem, how to treat defense, the defense is the best treatment, the treatment is good, the defense is good. If the beef cattle will not be sick, it will not be treated at all, and the meat immunity is the fundamental of the defense. Only by mastering the right breeding technology can wear healthy cattle and sheep!
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