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Winter cold frozen, feeding management is especially important, if it is not raising, it will make The bov is growing slow, even dropped. Let’s introduce the “six smart” of winter cattle.
1, “Straw”: Treatment of winter forage single, nutrition lack, easy to cause the cow to lose weight. If the straw is ammonized in winter, the cattle will love. The practice is: 麦 麦, straw, etc. fine into 2 ~ 3 cm long short, every 100 kilograms of broken wheat grass or straw add 4 kg of urea. In the specific operation, first use 40 kg of water to dissolve the urea, then stir in the grass, broken rice, and then load into the large cylinder or cement pool, compact, seal, and conduct ammonia. By feeding. Aminidated forage soft, aromatic, easy to digest.

2, “Forage”: It is necessary to make a diverse forage, shorten grass with a long grass, and high-quality grass with a long grass. Such as wheat grass, straw with blue hay, peanut, alfalfa, etc.

3, “Fine Material”: It is soft and hard to match in winter feeding, such as corn, soybeans and other hardware and bran, powder and other soft materials to feed. Start feeding, cow eats big half of the time, the cow will be added to the time, and if you have a fragrance, such as salad with soybeans, graze, and mix it in the grass.

4, “Food Care”: Arrange the short night long, not only in the day, but also fed 1 time at night, each of the bull is 13 ~ 15 kg.

5, “Drinking Water”: Temperature Water should be given 25 ° C in winter, but also add some salt and bean, cattle to drink, but also fire, anti-inflammation.

6, “Hygicity”: Wipe the cattle inner manure to be diligent, cleaning, hardcore, soil, maintain dry hygiene, preventing the sick of the smoke. Take the cattle out of the sun every day, brush the cow body with a scratch or brush to promote the blood circulation of the cow body to prevent the occurrence of bovine sore.

Nursery can do more than “six skills” and cattle groups to grow up healthily, add greater economic benefits to the year, and inject new vitality into the development of beef market.

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