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With the changes in the seasonal heating, pasture is short, due to The most basic grazing method should be to be bullish (block cattle). Take care of most cattle and old weak cows can eat well, reduce physical heat consumption, and save the grassland and pasture resurrection. Autumn and winter, you should pay attention to the following matters to ensure the stable and healthy growth of the cattle group:

One, autumn grazing cattle this time is high, the climate is suitable, the rain is small, the pasture is full, the nutritional value is high, the cattle suite exuberant. The main task of grazing is to grasp the oil. In order to improve the grazing effect, you should pay attention to the following: 1. Use the grazing of the grazing of the grazing, there are many crop seeds and straw softening parts, the nutritional value is high, and rational use can be used. 2, less road to graze the autumn grazing should be slow, reduce the mileage, there is “autumn running,” Grazing time will be late, rest at noon. The masses concluded that “Qiu Niu did not have four full days, it is difficult to make it” oil “, which guarantees that it is necessary for a long time. 3, do” four defenses “, anti-food and frost, anti-food Toxic grass, anti-harmful grass, anti-food, long grass. Second, winter grazing cow, climate is cold, the grass leaf is dry, the grass is poor, the nutritional value is lowered. The main task of grazing is to protect the milk, protect, in pregnancy, production The cow in the lamb stage should also be tire, labs, avoid abortion, etc., should pay attention to the following: 1. The grazing time should be short, it will be late, no rest, the top wind grazing is good, because the wind is going , The cattle is sticker, can reduce the loss of body temperature, the grass side of the pasture, which is conducive to the food; the weather is convenient to go back. 2. Choose the use of grazing, usually to consider the sham slope, then put the sunny The bottom of the ditch first, then put the slope; first put the grass, then put the grass; put the far away, put the near. 3, anti-drum cattle abortion

To ensure that the cow does not take ice or ice Don’t drink ice water, don’t hurry, you can’t be crowded when you are a circle. In addition, the situation of the cow is properly suppressed and the cow will keep warm, and it is also beneficial to the cow.

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