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Winter is coming, the cold is frozen, and for the nurses, if you raise it, Will grow slowly, even dropped. Do a good job in protective measures to make the beef cattle better in winter. The following is a matter of concern, and only for nursery accompanying reference only.
1. Improvement of a single material is a variety of materials
General farmers are accustomed to feeding a single straw or wheat straw when she raising cattle in winter, rarely fed fine. In fact, feeding a single forage, nutrient, poor, poor equipped, very susceptible to cultivating cattle anorexia, falling, and death. Therefore, winter cow feed must be combined, doing jigs and dry materials, coarse materials and materials match, Hemufu and legistrist. Be careful not to be extensive, the straw feed is rough, must be smashed before feeding, 3 ~ 4 cm is suitable, pay attention not to the provincial cost of finishing, the straw utilization rate is high, the beef cattle is easy to eat. Be careful not to feed the mold. There is a wealth of nutrients in the feed, which will be converted to toxic substances after molding, causing a large number of death after the meat feed is poisoned. Therefore, it is not necessary to feed the mold, and the storage management of the feed must be strengthened.
2, change cattle does not exercise for outdoor activities
Buffalo’s long-term feeding in winter, lacks exercise, no chance to contact sunshine, very easy to get sick. Therefore, in the sunny, you should go to the place where the cattle is avoided, sun dry, move the bones, and use bamboo comb to promote blood circulation, enhance the body of cattle, prevent cattle leg, skin disease.
3, rehabilitating internal fertilizer is the accumulation of fertilizer Most of the farmers have a habit of accumulation in the house. But in the winter, if this kind of accumulation is also continued, it is bound to affect the health of the coil, dry ground, air quality, etc., so that the catastrophe is parasitic, and there is a disease such as rotten shock, and it is unfavorable to the bovine safety. influences. Therefore, when the cattle is hurting, it is time to go to the vectors, and it is used to it. If there is a cushion of uric, it should be replaced in time. In addition, if the cold air is invaded, in addition to thickening pad, it can be used as a straw or sack to carry the rice as a cattle, helping to protect the cold. Better thanPay attention to measures, the cattle in winter can become more and healthy, and the benefits of nursing households will also increase, but also brings greater vitality and development in the future cattle in the future.

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