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At present, due to the special feed production of cattle and sheep, the sales is not developed, the science propaganda is not big enough, and the farmers have insufficient understanding of cattle and sheep feed knowledge, some farmers use pigs and broilers feed to feed cattle and sheep, this is wrong, because:
First, pigs and broiler feed add a large amount of unprotected fats, which will cause the cattle and sheep to feed the cattle and the cellulose digestibility, causing flatulence and stomach expansion.
Two, pig, broiler feed, add a large number of antibiotics, cattle and sheep will damage the microorganisms and coccidium in the stomach after long-term feeding, affecting the fermentation of rumen microorganisms, which in turn affects the absorption and utilization of ruminants.
Three pigs and chicken feeds often add a large number of animal-derived feed to thoroughly cut off the spread of mad cow disease, prevent mad cow disease from happening in my country. So it is prohibited.
Four, add a large number of rumen regulators, rumen buffers, and pigs and chicken feeds, and long-term use can lead to high ostrich, affecting the appetite of cattle sheep.
In short, if you have a long-term feeding, chicken feed may cause chronic poisoning, lamb, can not stand, no pull, gastric digestion, slow growth rate, irritability, jumping, etc. phenomenon. At present, there are also a large amount of human resources in the ruminant feeding of cattle and sheep, and research has also been greatly developed. Only the ruminant cattle and sheep feed produced by the regular manufacturer can achieve the expected production effect, so for the majority of farmers must carefully choose feed to feed cattle and sheep, ensure the healthy growth and economic benefits of cattle sheep.

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