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In the rural aquaculture industry, cattle accounts for considerable significance. Winter cold, the growth and development of the young cattle is blocked; the spring is dry and windy, and Niu Yi infected the disease, and this period is the cow childbirth and estrus peak. Therefore, the feeding management in the winter and spring season is to improve the quality of the cattle, accelerate the development of the cattle industry, and improve the guarantee of economic benefits. Farming households should focus on the following points:
1. Feeding
Winter spring feed to do the forage diversification, to short the grass with a long grass, high quality grass with the grass, such as Wheat grass and straws with green hay, leaves, peanuts and alfalfa, such as mixing uniform forage nutrition, cattle love.
2, fine material fit
Soft hard fit when feeding, such as feeding corn, soybeans, etc., can be bran, powder, etc., and other soft materials. Begin to feed the grass, if you are taking a half-saturation, add a fine material, you will have a fine material, and you have to add a fragrance of fragrance, such as grinding the soybean fried into the grass, even if there is no blue grass The cattle can also eat full.
3, adding urea
adding urea is an important measure to supplement cow proteins, and feeding in winter and spring. Generally, Yakiu, Yak, 40-60 grams, 70-100 grams of fattening cattle, 150 grams of adult cow. The urea is poor, and the grass can be fed by 1% of the diet and the fine material, and it cannot be drunk within half an hour after feeding.
4, food arrangement
Winter spring short night long, on the basis of feeding the cow during the day, there is still a slot, and 13-15 kg of grass is available.
5, drinking water heating
can’t drink cold water in winter and spring, water temperature should be controlled at 25 ° C. In the warm water, add some salt and beans to feed the cow, which can reduce the fire and anti-inflammatory effects.
6 Take the cattle out of the outdoor sun every day, scrape the cattle with a scratch or brush, can promote blood circulation to prevent eadstry.

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