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Yak came to this world from birth, to experience a lot of wind and rain, crawling In order to grow into a strong adult cow. The hardships of this, and the nurses are deeply understood. And for how to prevent the common diseases of the yak, it is also a matter of numerous care. Here, I will introduce you to the cow’s common disease – yak down dysentery.
Yak gynessed is a high incidence rate, complex cause, difficult to cure, high mortality. It is divided into poisoning and simplicity in clinical practice.

The study shows that the rotavirus and coronavirus have played an extremely important role in the early days of the early days, and the virus may be the initial. The pathogenic factor. Although it does not directly cause yak death, the existence of these two viruses can reduce the calorie functional reduction, and it is easy to second bacterial infections, especially pathogenic E. coli, causing serious diarrhea. In addition, the breast milk is abundant, the temperature mutation, the feeding management mistakes, and the poor hygiene conditions, etc., there is a significant role in promoting the disease, and the yak undergasting is particularly more in the yak group of intensive breeding.

Symptoms and Types

When the yak within 1 week old, when the yak was blocked, suddenly the disease, the white water sample was discharged, and most of them were killed in 2 ~ 3 days. It is generally considered that due to the cause of E. coli, the symptoms within 10 days of birth is lighter, and more chronic passes. The first time of the disease is water sample, loss of appetite or abolition, the condition further develops dehydration symptoms such as nasal mucosa drying, skin elasticity, eye drops. Soon the body temperature is reduced in a vain state, and there is a respiratory disease such as pneumonia. It is generally believed that 90% of the catharsis of the yak is related to E. coli, and most of the other viruses are mixed infection. Dragonfly caused by Salmonella, more than 2 to 3 weeks old yak, and its superior mortality rate is also high. Its characteristics are suddenly onset, the spirit is depressed, the appetite is abolished, and the body temperature is raised to 40 ° C. It is mixed with mucus and blood, and there is also a neurological symptom in encephalitis. Due to severe dehydration and weakness, death is killed by 5 to 6 days.
Toxity is blended by bacteria, Viruses and parasite infections, especially E. coli and Salmonella hazard. In recent years, there are also reports from rim viruses and coronaviral infections.

Most of the junky is simple in dysencyry, is due to the malnutrition of cows, the yak feeding management is not properly afflicted. The pathogenesis is mostly within 1 month of age, mainly the lack of milk, the breeder is not fixed, the breeding environment is mutated, the burden is dark, the sun is insufficient, the changes in the ventilation, the external environment (such as the sudden change in temperature, cold, The rain and moisture, sports muds, etc.), which can reduce the calm resistance and become the incentive.
This disease can also be divided into semi-seminated, intestinal virulence and intestinal type.

The semi-lost type is mainly seen in the 7th yak. For the pathogenic bacteria, it is common to death.

The intestinal blood type is mainly seen in the 7th yak, and the pathogenic E. coli proliferates in large quantities in the intestines and produces intestinal toxins, and intestinal toxins are absorbed into blood.
The intestinal (white diarrhea) is most common, and it is seen in the 7-10 years of eating yak.

Prevention and treatment measures to treat the patient’s calf to be treated immediately, strengthen care. Treatment principles: Treating gastric intestines, promoting digestion, anti-inflammatory detoxification, prevent dehydration. 1. Put the buffalo, glucose physiology, 1 000 m1, 25% glucose liquid 250ml, 1 intravenous injection. 2, digestion of poisoning, 5% sodium bicarbonate 100m1, 25% glucose solution 200m1, physiological saline 600m1, intravenous injection, 1 to 2 times a day, 2 to 3 consecutive days. 3, accompanied by pneumoniae, ampicillin 800,000 Iu, painful injection 10m1, 1 intramuscular injection, 2 times a day, sulfamethyl, sodium bicarbonate 5.0 g, sullen. 4, squash with blood cattle, chloramphenicol injection 10m1, muscle injection 2 times daily, sulfamer and sodium bicarbonate each 4g. Vitamin K34ML muscle injection 2 times a day. 5, 牛 牛………. 牛 牛 牛 牛 牛. 牛 牛 牛 牛.
In prevention, we must strictly master the following points: First, the yak must be feeding in the birth of the yak, firstThe amount of milk can be slightly large, and then feed for 3 to 5 days to obtain immunoactic antibodies; second, adhere to “four”, “four look”, “two strict”. Quantity: Time, time, quantity, feeder; four look: appetite, spirit, feces, weather changes; second strict disinfection, strictly forbidden feeding magic milk; third, to keep yak clean, ventilated, dry, dry, dry, dry, Oxature, cattle, sports field should be used regularly with 2% peri-criminal water, and 草 will change, winter should be treated in winter.

Winter is coming, and the nursery households must be a good job of cow disease, so that it can guarantee that the bull market is more cow, guarantees its own economic interests and long-term development.

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