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Many raised sheepholds are not very understood to add urea to Sheep Japanese food. So small series Briefly introduce the role of urea in the long process of sheep, why do you want to add urea?

Urea is a good protein additive in sheep, 1 kg urea equivalent to 2.88 kg crude protein, equivalent to 5.6 -6 kg of soybean pie. Give sheep supplement the right amount of urea is a kind of effective way to push, then how do you grasp the amount?

One method is to directly feed the urea with the fine material, and the method is to mix the amount of 1.5-2% of the fine material to feed it in the fine.

Another way is to make the urea salt brick for sheep. The ratio of urea salt bricks is 40% urea, 47.5% salt salt, 10% honey, 2.5% sodium phosphate, and a small amount of cobalt.

The third method is to mix into the green feed in a certain ratio when feeding the green storage, and the correct ratio is from 1,000 kilograms of green feed to 5-6 kg of urea.

Next, the payment of urea:

(1) should master the amount of urea, the amount of feeding per day should account for 0.02% of the sheep weight, no more than the day grain 1% of dry matter. That is, adult eepth is 10-15 grams, 6-8 grams of Youth Sheep Day above June. However, the first feeding can only be a predetermined amount of 1/10, and gradually increases, and it is increased to the specified amount after 10 days.

(2) Due to the moisture absorption of urea, it is easy to dissolve to produce ammonia, so it cannot be given separately, and it is not soluble in water feeding. After feeding the urea, drinking water immediately and should be carried out after 30 minutes of feeding.

(3) After feeding the urea, do not intermittently, ensure the adaptability of the body and microorganism on urea digestive absorption. If you need to break, you should start from the original day, and gradually increase.

(4) Whenever the sheep and physical thin sheep should be less or not.

(5) Once the urea poisoning is caused, it should be used with 20% -30% syrup or sugar water, which can be subjected to 0.5% vinegar 0.2.-0.5 liters or yogurt 1-3 liters.

Urea provides sufficient non-protein nitrogen sources for ruminants, and urea can be released and absorbed in rumor stomach, and the microorganism of the rumen can decompose urea to have a hydrazaic acid generated after water, so urea can replace the ruminant Some protein feed in animal diet. Reasonable use of urea can help raise the housing to reduce feed costs, improve economic benefits, and raising the benger can feed according to their own conditions.

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