Taming dog dogs should understand the personality of dogs

timg (8).jpg Different dog character is not the same, the pet owner training the dog is also to pay attention to it. Taming dogs should understand the dog’s personality, so that the pet owner successfully trains the dog.

1. Dog has a grade habit

Dogs have a good group, but there is a significant level system in the group. In the dog population, rural or urban dog group, it is always disposed of a headband (usually the old dog), which is governed. How to demonstrate its level advantage? It usually uses the following specific actions to indicate: If it allows it to check the reproductive organs of its dogs, it is not allowed to be another dog in the direction. Dog rowned the urine urination; each other can shake his head in front of the head, tail, play naughty, or retreat, sit down or lie down, when the head dog leaves, the square can stand; the level advantage is clear, hostile state elimination Start becoming a friend. Dogs also express the same posture on their parents.

2. Dogs have a good character to hit people

Interacting with people is the habit of love dogs, but their degree is within 3 to 7 weeks When exposed to the extent to the “imprint” when the age is aged. If the dog is born in the first two months only with its parents or other dogs, not with people, or if they don’t really understand people, they will stay away from people, and it is difficult to train. If you are born, you will be loved by people, which makes it realize that people are friends, they are partners who can play with it, and familiarize with people’s smell, people and good, easy to accept training. This is very important to note that its imprint stage is very important when selecting and training the dog.

3. The dog has the land and the territory of the territory

Dogs and other animals (such as cats, birds and rodents) The territory is the center, with its own odor to marke the boundaries and update frequently. A piece of territory can only belong to a dog, or a whole dog group. When the dog is in the territory of a dog, its actions are very cautious. If the leader (dog) is coming, the intruder does not dare to look at it, pretend to be busy with other things, avoid torn with the territory dog Dou, then leave. So how do dogs marking its territory? Usually fixed along the route that it usually walks.Some points. If the male dog is walking out, there are always some trunk of the fixed trunk, under the road light or the corner. A dog’s smell can make another dog know that this dog’s territory, gender, age, and health is.

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