Teach you how to identify the good and bad chicks

The good and bad chicks will not only affect the survival rate of chickens, but also affect the growth and development and uniformity of the postpone of the chicken group, and even directly related to the males or layers of eggs. For example, the big meat chicken, the chicken seedlings are the early early stress, the elimination rate is high, and the two is the weight of the subsequent balance will also be affected. The chicken seedlings will generally have a lot of chickens that have sudden death.
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A batch of good and bad of chicken seedlings, directly related to whether the chickens are well raised and subsequent output

, so they must pay attention when entering the chicken. Quality of chicken seedlings. And after the chicken is in the past, the first week is strictly eliminated on the weak texture of the chicken group, because the weak bullion is not long, the second is the resistance to the resistance, it is easy to get sick. Instead, there will be a large group of health in the later stage.

Identify the health of the chicks, can distinguish between the time points and health conditions of the shell, can also be identified by seeing, touching and listening. Below I will talk to everyone, say that the difference between jubilage and weak bullies.

Weaknomew, and the early stage must carry out strict elimination, so as not to affect the growth of large groups, many of the chickens above the figure can see that the umbilical cord healing is not too good.
Healthy chick: Generally healthy chicks out of the shell, typically starting out of the shell to 21 days in 20 days, reaching the peak of the shell at 20 days. The body of chicks achieves the standard of this variety, because the weight of chicks will be surprised because of the variety, the type, the general meat chicken is around 40g. Octa is usually 36 to 38g. In addition, a healthy chick is soft and soft, and the abdomen is soft. The umbilical cord of the abdomen has no blood, drying is tight and covered with fluff. Healthy chicks have a good day, strong and screaming and crisp, full of fullness.

Weaki body weakness, it is easy to have a disease in various aspects of respiratory tract

Physical and weak chicken: such chickens are generally out of premature or late. Weight does not meet the standard, tooHeavy or too light. The absorption of the abdomen of the chicken touched is too bad, the weight is lighter. And the fluffy fluffy is not clean. The umbilici is not good, there is a humid phenomenon around and there is no fluff leads to the umbilical cord to be exposed outside. Look at the spirit and afraid of the cold station unstable, the body is weak and smaller, and the sound is weak. Tel: 17660612257 (WeChat synchronization)

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