Teach you to correctly know chicken pockets

The understanding of chicken chicken ballitis

Chicken pockets are a respiratory disease, there are many reasons for chicken ballitis, the most important thing is a complication caused by other chicken diseases, which will cause diseased chicken to breathe difficult , Cough, etc., the health of chickens is very affected, let’s learn the symptoms of airbags and prevent

Chicken pelletitis symptoms

Disease chickens first manifest as fast food Decline, large groups of fever, spiritual depth, tie, red and swollen, tears, nose. There are serious respiratory symptoms, nasal, cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and blame in the chicken. The stool is small, and there is a green feces of the chicken rinse, and a green feces of the chicken roll. The belly is facing. The severe tracheal hemorrhage is dissected, and there is a mucus in the trachea, and a few cases are blocked at the gas pipe. There is a yellow cheese sample on the airbag, the cities with a bleeding, the ovals have jujube nucleus and bleeding, thymus, pan-pan-bleeding, white dotted dead stove, gonad nipple atrophy, extrusion is oozing.

Cabinet of chicken ballitis

mainly manifested a slight congestion, hemorrhage, a small amount of mucus or a layer of yellow cheese, and a severe case can cause bronchial blockage; Pulmonary airbag turbid, thickening, yellow or yellow white piece cheese sample adhesion, lung congestion, blood stasis, serious cases lead to necrosis; abdominal airbags will have turbid, thicker, abdominal cavity often have a large amount of small bubbles; The middle and late stage will result in “Heart Baoyuan”, “hepatic perikitis”, “peritonitis” and “airbagitis”.

1, do a good job in disinfection. Usually, the biosafety system should be strictly enforced, do a good job in drinking water, and the disinfection work inside and outside the chicken, try to avoid various diseases due to disinfection, and thereby causing the chicken infected with airbagitis.
2, strengthen feeding management. Appropriately reduce the breeding density, the breeding household should carefully check the integrity of the equipment, the smooth influence of the water dispenser, and clean the chicken manure in time. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation, avoiding the concentration of ammonia gas in the chicken, excessive concentration such as carbon dioxide, and directly stimulates the respiratory mucosa, thereby increasing the chance of infected with mycoplasma and E. coli.
3, the prevention of the lyophilized vaccine. Due to the inoculation of lyophilized vaccines, this disease is extremely common. It is recommended to use high-efficiency jauco polysaccharide to cooperate with the anti-branch before and after vaccination.The primary drug, removes the hempton of the respiratory tractone, improves the resistance of resistance, and reduces the respiratory tract caused by vaccine stress.

Chicken has airbag inflammation with excellent treatment, main ingredients: Lin Kemycin, spectacular plain, 500-600 kg per bag, daily Drinking water is not less than 8 hours, pay attention: 14 days of chick is disabled, and continuous applications cannot exceed 5 days. Pharmaceutical recommendations: 1. Because the airbag is more than flu, it is recommended to cooperate with high-efficiency viral drugs, and can achieve satisfactory results. 2. When the airbag is accompanied by renimensions, the treatment must be used in conjunction with high-efficiency renal renal drug treatment. 3. If the airbag is infected with mold infection, it is necessary to cooperate with high-efficiency anti-atria drug when treating. 4, the course of treatment, it is recommended to have a course of treatment, and the case is 5 days.

In summary, chicken balloon is not a separate disease, but a symptom, if blind diagnosis and treatment, not single waste of farmers, it also delays the best time for treatment, thus Cause more serious consequences. For chicken ballitis, you must first have a clear understanding, followed by targeted prevention, seizing the best time to seize the treatment, in order to effectively prevent the disease.

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