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Swine fever and blue ear disease are in most pig farms in the clinical state of latent poisonous sub-clinical, and diagnosis in clinical and pathological forms is more difficult.

Today, I will talk about the characteristics of swine fever and blue ear disease so that everyone will be judged in the production of practical.

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swine fever
swine fever causes an acute thermal contact infectious disease in pigs, with an acute thermal contact infectious disease, anxiety, high heat intimate and microvascular wall degeneration Variation characteristics such as infarction and necrosis.

Clinical diagnosis:

Can see sick pigs are depressed;

The whole body is weak, the action is slow, the cold, the mutual stack;

thirsty, a good drink Dirty water, first confusion, diarrhea or constipation diarrhea alternate, excluding malodous feces or abnormal symptoms such as stools with mucus and blood.

Pathological diagnosis:

Typical sepsis changes, skin, mucosa, slurry film and substantial organs can be seen of bleeding change, such as iliac cartilage and tonsille bleeding, gastric mucosa bleeding, etc. .

Typical pathological characteristics:

There is a “button ulcer” at the blindstormus and colon mucosa;

The kidney surface has gray white necrosis, commonly known as “freckles”, and The necrotic stove is deep into the cortex;

lymph nodes are leaving marble disease.

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Blue Purnel

Pig blue ear disease also called pig breeding and respiratory syndrome, also caused by viruses, infectious diseases, breeding sows and weaning pigs The hazard is particularly large. When there is no secondary infection, the pig has no clinical symptoms, once in invading the pig, it is explosive.

Clinical diagnosis:

The low limbs of the pigs were weak, standing instabilities, many pig cough, abdominal breathing;

The temperature increased by the temperature;

Hemorrhagic bleeding Quality changes, only microcirculation congestion, skin presence, different degree of blue purple phenomenon;

The ear is blue ear disease;

no neurological symptoms, no skin bleeding, no blood bleeding, no blood, no blood, no blood symptom.
Typical symptoms:

There are 1-3 mm size of bouraces on the sow placenta.

After the sick pig anatomy, the pulmonary leaf, the heart leaf became long, soft, like “icon nose”, has a mottled pattern of the surface, which is a typical case change of pig blue ear disease.

The difference between swine fever and blue ear disease is that the piglet of piglets is high and hot, and the blue-ear sterling pig temperature is an increase in time;

swine fever Pig-free breathing system symptoms, blue ear sick pigs are obvious;

There is a significant bleeding point in the back of pigs, limbs, etc. Obstacles, local congestion hypoxia lead to the skin of the ear, the buttocks and the limbs have also occurred, no bleeding points.

In the actual production, it is possible to confirm the comprehensive analysis of multiple disorders.

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Scientific epidemic prevention The most powerful weapon of swine fever and blue ear disease is a disabled vaccine.

The prevention of swine fever should be scientifically immunized,

Appropriately improve the immunotic dose of the vaccine is relatively reasonable.

Recommended swine fever in 35 days old, intramuscular injection of lack of poisonous seedlings in the muscles, and two immobilized seeds in 60-65 days of intramuscular injection.

Admixes, empty moisturous pigs with 4 heads of prodontic injection;

species that the boar is 4 years in March and September in September;

Pregnant mother pigs disabled disabled seedlings.

For blue ear disease, the protected seedlings are much lower than that of the disabled vaccine.

Recommended breast pigs with blue ear to destroy the vast seedlings twice, the first intramuscular injection can be induced by 1 part, and then inoculated with the same vaccine in the same vaccine after 20 days;

Other pigs use a weak poisonous seedlings, and the sows for 70 days of pregnancy are not inoculated. After the delivery is weaned, they will be inoculated; the piglets are immunized once at 3 weeks old and 10 weeks old.
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