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When sow is given birth, the resistance has decreased significantly due to dramatic changes in the reproductive organ. Especially in the case where the temperature is low in winter, the postpartial sow and the newly born piglets are easy to fall into dangerous situations. Therefore, at any time observe the situation of post-production sows and piglets, make corresponding adjustment measures, which can protect the sows and improve piglets.

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1, sow is normal

01, the sow should be seriously observed within 48 hours after childcare, especially the first few In an hour, until the fetal garment is all discharged. Only a small amount of fetal clothes are discharged from the pig, most of the fetal garments will be discharged within 1-3 hours after the last small pig; the surface of the fetal garment should be fresh, no rot, special odor;
02, Postpartum sow should be stable and peaceful, breastfeeding is normal, eat food, drinking water is normal, but the food is not too interested, it is interested in eating food;
03, most sows can see loch from the pussy, most It is characterized by milky white, and some sows will last for 3-4 days.

2, how to perform postpartum check

After the sow is produced piglets, the gown should be examined first, confirm whether it is discharged. If the fetal clothing is difficult, the appropriate amount of oxytocin OT should be given muscle injection to facilitate delivery of gout. Then carefully view the sow breast breasts with red swelling. If there is red swelling symptoms, most of them are breast inflammation, it must be treated early; in the end, it is necessary to pay close attention to the dynamics of maternal pigs, such as whether the uterus and birthplace is damaged, whether the degree of damage is severe. If there is inflammation, anti-inflammatory treatment should be carried out to avoid further development of diseases.
Specific inspection steps can be referred to the following procedures:
01, after the sow is over, at least once,
02, if the gown is not discharged 4 hours after delivery, report to the veterinary or management person;

03, when the fetal clothing is discharged, if there is a corruption, the rectal temperature should be checked, the normal body temperature is 39-39.8 ° C;

04, check whether the mother pig eats water is normal, if it is not normal, it is often a problem Significant;
05, check if the sow is quiet, is normal for breastfeeding;
06, check the lochia, such as white milk white or blood color, should check the body temperature temperature;
07, observe the sow eyes around If the mucous membrane is red, it is predicted that the fever is heated; if the temperature of the sow is more than 40 ° C or higher, and the food is not eating a disease condition: injection cefurbu or other long-term antibiotics and the treatment; if there is a suspicion of endometritis Prostaglandin injection should be carried out 36-48 hours after childbirth, and the treatment (long-acting antibiotic treatment and prostaglandin injection were recorded on the treatment card of the drug, and the time, medicinal particles) were recorded on the sow card.

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If the tire clothing is delayed or endometritis, it should be careful of breasts; both cases occur, should report to the veterinarian or supervisor. Proper care, let the sows restore physical production and reduce economic losses as soon as possible. 3, how to make postpartum care

01, environmental control

After the sow is given birth, it should be cleaned in time; at the same time, 0.1% potassium permanganate disinfection will be used. Then the body wipes clean with the genitals. Be careful to keep the pig house dry, clean, control the temperature of the pig house, generally around 20 to 23 ° C. Pay attention to keep quiet in the pig house, preventing noise from being frightened, affecting endocrine, or causes dysfunctures.

02, postpartum sow is restored

The sow will generally stop drinking water before the birth, but the production period will consume a lot of physical strength, so the mother pigs are very easy to fatigue and thirst. At this time, it should be supplemented in time, 1% physiological saline, electrolyte, multi-dimensional water, etc., if the recovery is poor, direct infusion is given. In addition, 3 days after the mother pig, the conditional pig farm can drive out the pig house.Row of outdoor movements to enhance the body’s resistance and give a quantity of trace elements to promote the recovery of the sow. 03, after the birth of the sow
After the pigs are complete, the body function is often poor, and the metabolic disorder may occur. Therefore, within 6-8 hours after childbirth, the particle feed should be refined, and then gradually satisfy nutritional needs to accommodate the digestive function of the gastrointestinal.
From the next day, high quality, easy digestible cereal feed can be made into a phenotropic porridge to promote digestion. After 2 days, the digestive function recovered faster sows, which can feed normal feed. 3-5 days after childbirth, pay attention to increase the amount of feed, and ensure that the milk production is sufficient to meet the needs of breastfeeding.

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