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peripheral production run in order to ensure maximum yield bed Utilization, the efficiency of breeding is required to remain constant. The process of breeding is full of unpredictable events, which is unrealistic. Some of the number of weeks of breeding may exceed the goal, while the number of heads in the week may be lower than the target. The most effective detection of whether to reach a variety target is used in the production, it is to draw on the Excel.

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Method for the most effective detection of whether to achieve a variety target is to draw with Excel. (See Figure 4). In this way, we can see the completion of the breeding target at a glance. The breeding can be adjusted according to the difference between the actual curve and the target curve to ensure the completion of the breeding task.
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Each batch of pregnancy and childbirth rate in reality are also fluctuating. The manager is relying on maintaining a breeding objective to reduce fluctuations in pregnancy rate and childbirth rate per week. The sooner of the pig farm, the efficiency of breeding is declining, the faster the measure should be taken. 4 weeks after breeding, the proportion of sows without pregnancy (also called mismatch rate) is a very useful indicator for predictive delivery rates. The pigs of the boar are crowded, 90% of the sows without pregnant sows should be checked 28 days after breeding. When recording and detecting a weekly data, another useful indicator can be obtained if you need to change the breeding target (see Figure 5).

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Difference normal fluctuations and problems should have certain parameter indicators. Take a minute change of a weekly variant to take measures to change the target. Because the changes in the next few weeks will compensate for the previous lack. The return on the return exceeds the normal variation in Figure 5, and if the number of sows returned is in the normal variation range (between 5% -15%), there is no need to change the breeding target.

If the number of sows returned is not in the normal variation range, you must carefully study the reason, if the reason can not be found, and the number of sows that will continue is not in the normal variation, then it is necessary to change weekly breeding Number to ensure the giving target. Ensure the utilization rate of the ribs to maximize.


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Pig field normal B super pregnancy test site

In order to draw a variety efficiency map, it is necessary to record and count the weekly return rate, which steps are as follows. : 1. The pig farm has a daily return rate over the past 52 weeks. 2. Calculate the average and standard deviation of this 52 week return rate. Average above the above standards, including two-thirds of data, the average number of two standard elements, including 95% of data, for example: average return rate is 10%, one standard The difference is 2.5%, and then two-thirds per week may be between 7.5% to 12.5% ​​(10% ± 2.5%). Then, 95% may be in the range of 5% to 15% (10% ± 5%).

3. Picture of the same image as 5, draw average, upper limit, and lower limit. The range of upper and lower limits is two standard deviations.

4. At the end of the pregnancy test, draw a weekly return rate on the figure. If the data is falling in the normal range, we should investigate and take measures immediately.


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Today, Pigs are only loosened in the environment and density, and the complexity of pig farm pathogen infections has also been discorded. If you use the previous continuity production method to manage the current pig farm, it is already no time. The batch production model is the best choice for scale pig farms. In the production of week batch production, the batch delivery rate data must be collected. At the same time, consider the annual update rate of the sow, and determine the breeding sows and update the number of breeding sows in a certain stage. To ensure the utilization rate of the ribs to maximize.
Batch production cooperates with reasonable operational processes, using time to perform cleaning and disinfection work (empty bar cleaning, disinfection, shearing, cutting, trend and vaccination), provide isolation sowing pig houses for optimal environmental equipment Early removal of sick pigs to isolation bar or isolate pig house treatment or cock, rigorous self-defense epidemic prevention, enter and exit pig house cleaning rain shoes, air bar thoroughly cleaning, drying and disinfection, pseudocetransproducting quarantine or self-propagation of pigs, The applications of these methods will increase significantly to the petrometer breeding rate and maximize the benefits of the pig farm.

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