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This article comes from the world’s largest pork breeding company: British PIC breed pig reform company operation The manual has been described in detail, and the operational process of breeding and premises, although the PIC Operation Handbook has a certain time, but still has reference significance.

In China, many farms are built in low-density breeding areas, and strictly perform biosafety to prevent pathogens from invading the disease and maintaining blue-ear disease. But many other farms are not so lucky. We can see that there is a short distance between many pigs. The road around the pig farm has a pig car every day. It is difficult to see the hope of the pig farm away from the disease. Especially the blue-ear virus, its propagation distance can reach a few kilometers. However, we can still take measures to survive the pigs in such an environment.

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Typical pig intensive district

People sometimes say, “When my farm is around Why are we waste money and time to implement biosafety? ” In fact, you may wish to make an alteration, suppose you know that there are many bad guys who will rob your home nearby, you will also say “No matter how they have to be robbed, why bother to do the doors and windows?” I am sure you won’t say that. Biosafety is not intended to be implemented in a well-selected farm, and more necessary in the cultured areas.

In China, diseases that may occur in China In addition to blue ear disease, there are many other viral, bacterial diseases known to all. Blue ear sickness is inclusively between various issues and caused pig immunosuppression, which means that blue ear disease can reduce the ability of pigs and diseases, and open the door for many other diseases, making the situation deteriorate. Therefore, biosafety measures must be implemented as much as possible, for example:

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A, in the farm The standard system for all employees is established to build shoes / clothes.

People and vehicles are the main way to bring pathogen into the farm. Make sure the outer clothes and shoes remain outside the production area, and the personnel take a bath before entering the production area to reduce the virus into the farm.


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B, establishing a wall to isolate people outside the farm and animals.

In the north of China, I saw that there were many goats and sheep in the morning, and grazing on the pig house, and in the afternoon they became a group of farms outside. Whether these animals may bring their external pathogens into the farm through their limbs or skin, such diseases like foot-and-mouth diseases are infected with these animals, and they will also infect our farm. Adhere to the entry of these animals. Although dogs and pigs have few cross-infected diseases, they do not allow dogs to be around the farm. If there is a dog in the field, they will enter the cage, or limit them only in a certain area, absolutely can’t allow them to be The farm is outside. We all know that dogs often go to the garbage area and roll on corruption animals. They may bring risks to the farm. C, the pig house will prevent bird from entering.

You can use a nylon or wire fence to prevent birds from flying into other farms or outside garbage area into your farm pig house. The study found that the birds are the propagation carrier of the disease, such as PED, PRRS. If the bird does not get food and waste in the farm, they will not come back. Keep the peripheral clean, uncleaned garbage or food waste will attract birds and other rodents, such as mice.

D, control transport vehicle

Entering the farm, such as feed vehicles, employee vehicles or motorcycles, may stick some things on the road and bring to the farm or agricultureIn the field, this happened the opportunity very high. Under the farm, a vehicle parked outside, so that the vehicle is almost no need to enter the farm. This area should be disinfected regularly to reduce the accumulation of pathogens. A power sprayer is placed outside the farm door, and if necessary, it is completely cleaned and disinfecting them before these vehicles enter the farm. The feed tank is preferably placed outside the fence, so that the vehicle is not necessary to enter the pig farm when the ship is unloaded. Introducing Blue Ear Disease Folding Pig

Why is it difficult to find a way to completely solve the Bluene disease? It is because the virus variation of blue ear disease is faster than our research. Blur viruses can be varied to a new drug strain or to recombine with other strains and produce a new riculous strain. Some farmers think that their pig farm is blue, then they can introduce from blue-ear disease positive pig farms. This may be correct, but based on the following two premises, the introduction of the reserve pig is detoxifying to the outside; the second, the blue-ear virus strain introduced into the positive species is the same as the strain of this farm. The cross-protectability between the blue-ear disease virus is not very strong, the immunity established by the pig groups, does not effectively resist the infection of other strains, so the reserve pig introduced by the pig farm is still in detoxification period And the strain carried is different from the strain of the field, which is likely to have a greater risk of existing pigs in this field. The introduction of blue-ear disease negative pigs is the best choice, because this excludes the possibility of reorganizing with the pig farm has a strain, while in appropriate isolation and adaptation procedures, these pigs have slowed in the far farm The blue ear virus strain is mixed into the base after detoxification of the isolation phase, thereby reducing the risk of blue ear disease eruption.
Vaccine Immunization

The purpose of vaccination of blue ear disease vaccines in blue ear disease is to prevent clinical symptoms. Pigs inoculated with blue-ear disease vaccine are also infected. Vaccination of blue ear disease vaccines provide a choice for farms that sell farms that do not plan to sell farms that are not planned to blue ear diseases. At present, the blue ear vaccine is divided into an inactivated seedlings and weak poisonous seedlings. These two kinds of seedlings have their own advantages. As we all know, inactivating the safety of the seedlings, it is often used for pregnant sows, often is regular immunity, and it is necessary to enhance immunity to maintain a good immunity. Inactivating seedlings cannot produce cellular immunity to blue ear disease protection. On the other hand, weaken the live vaccine is relatively inexpensive,Cellular immunity is produced for the same virus strain, can produce immunological strength. But weakenly activated vaccines is not very safe, which may cause a decline in the short-term number in the short term. The study found that blue ear disease vaccines can be transformed into poisonous strains that severely damage the body, and vaccine viruses are detoxified from immune pigs, and then infect negative pigs. Individual vaccine is another choice. This vaccine is produced by viruses actually infected in the field. Since the vaccine strain is consistent with the homologousness of wild toxia, this vaccine is more effective. However, their own vaccines should ensure quality and safety, and will not bring other pathogens to the farm.

Reserve pigs immunized Bluene disease vaccine, which can reduce their detoxification and shorten their detoxification duration. The reserve sow or boar is introduced to the base group immune blue ear vaccine.
There is also a possibility that if there are many blue ear disease among the pig farms, immunized piglets will reduce clinical symptoms and shorten the duration of the disease. The study found that the growth rate and feed conversion rate were higher in contact with wild toxic. The immunized procedure should be developed against the actual situation of the farm and in accordance with the diagnostic report of the farm, rather than performing generally recommended immunotrophic procedures. Piglets typically perform vaccine immunity at 3 weeks or more.
Pregnancy, sows should avoid vaccination, because the fetus in the uterus may also be infected and affect their survival. If the Blue Purchase immunity is a farm reserve and sow vaccine immunotrophic procedural, it is recommended to immunize 3-4 weeks before breeding.

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Harmony with the surrounding pig farm

The farm in the cultured intensive area needs to help each other, not competing with each other. Protect the adjacent farms, if they are in blue, such as the full area of ​​the pig farm is negative, and it is more responsive to your farm. Common efforts, information sharing, diagnostic reports, and healthy levels are likely to help other farms prepare or adjust the breeding program in advance. If you manage fatifue fields, you can buy a negative piglets from outside of your own, you cannot bring new strains into your own and neighboring farm. blueThe anesthetic pig is at least 100 yuan / head than the breeding cost of the blue ear patients. If you continue to raise pigs in a cultured intensive area, discuss immunization programs with the veterinaries of the pig farm.

If you understand and seize these key points, you can make money in the breeding intensive district.

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