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Objectives of Postel:

1, each batch of piglets 63 days have a weight of 25kg.
2, the survival rate of Cai Zhai pigs reached 98%, the qualified rate reached 96%.

Pocket management points:

1. Check the maintenance of heating system, ventilation system, water curtain cooling system, drinking water system, and feed system guarantee normal. 2, weaning piglets enter the preparation work in front of the premium, such as air bar, preheating in advance, etc. 2, after entering the posture, the temperature, “three points” positioning and reducing stress before 7 days. 3 to ensure that drinking water and feed are sufficient. 4, at least two patrols per day, timely picking out the problem of pigs and do targeted treatment. 5. Consolein II is the transition of conservation II. 6, summer and high winter, low temperature. 7. Do a good job in the feeding daily report of the careless, make sure the data is true.

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Feeding Management:

1 Preparation before turning pig
A, air house cleaning: Correct all accessory facilities in the room (winter The mat picks up, the baking lamp is removed), first wet the whole room with a high pressure rinsers (generally 1 hour, at least 6 times), including curtains, ceilings, ground, walls, tanks, water pipes, etc., then thorough Rinse, pay special attention to the slit of the drainage, and let the sewage sewage in the sewer, and rinse the sewer with a high pressure rinator. Repair the pig bar, feed slot, etc., check if each water dispenser is water, check all circuits, whether the wire is damaged, check whether the window is open normally. Then, use disinfectant to disinfect the entire room, interval for at least 24 hours, ventilated dry 3-7 days.
B, check the maintenance of heating system, ventilation system, water curtain cooling system, drinking water system, feeding system.
C, pigs entering

Before turning pigs, the temperature is raised to 28 degrees, while adding a small photo pig feed in the tank. During the transfer of pigs, the boars and sows are separated, and the pigs are concentrated.Raise, at the same time picking out the smaller piglets, conducting centralized feeding. In order to alleviate the stress of the pig, it can be used in drinking water to add new amine-based gravis to drinking water for 3-5 days.

At the same time, the pig house should be filled in the number, weight and epidemic prevention record of the pig, and the recycling, the saucer, recorded the pig only, drinking water, power consumption, and disinfection and epidemic. Completion and death record registration form.

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2, to ensure the comfort of the conservation pig

The piglet (4 weeks) that just transfer to the posture is required to be 30 degrees, and the next week 2 degrees, the specific:

5 weeks 30 degrees 6 weeks 28 degrees 7 weeks 26 degrees 8 weeks 24 degrees 9 weeks 22 degrees

During the actual operation, the veterinary or conservation supervisor is When the pig is turned to the pig, the day and temperature curve is input into the care thermostat, and the feeder is prohibited after setting it.
3, pigs only tun

7 days before entering the piglet, the breeder should be divided into the area of ​​pigs, rest, entertainment, and duct urine, and Artificial tun pigs, make piglets develop a good hygiene habit. That is, the “three positioning” work that is usually said. This is very patient!
4, feeding density

For the pigs of the boos, the pig is preferably 0.35-0.4m2 per pig, the feeder is suitable for each 35-40 / head, drinking a water bowl 17-20 / One is preferably (free of water dispensers from the feeder).
5, feeding

When the pig is just transferred, you can continue to feed the teaching trough, fed 3-5 days, transition feeding the pellets, feeding By 38 days, you can gradually transition for II feed until the next care bed (63 days). From the conservation I date to the conservation II type feed specific operation takes 6 days, 1-6 days conservation I period powder and conservation IIThe specific ratio is 5/1, 4/2, 3/3, 4/2, 5/1, and the whole transition is completed.

6, drinking water

Ensure cleaning of piglets drinking water, generally in the water flow rate required for recycling piglets is 1 l / min, and the length of the water dispenser is preferably 254 mm. Check if the water dispenser has water and is smooth.

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7, pig group inspection

Tour the pig group at least twice a day, first observe whether the overall mental condition of the pig group is normal, whether the temperature is suitable for pigs And adjust it according to the comfort of the pigs. Then check the inspection of each column, discovering the abnormal pig, indicate in a timely manner, then the treatment, and labeled different color markers, and finally statistics, the entire pig, abnormal pig, how much, remember : If there is more than 5% of the top disease, it is necessary to carry out overall drinking water to use according to the drinking water dosage plan, and the patient is subject to individual, and muscle injection is also rehabilitation. For the pulse pig group to increase the temperature of the temperature plus the air volume, reduce the humidity in the house.
8, the pigs are adjusted

Turn a week to the conservation pigs once a week, smaller, unhealthy pigs (with therapeutic value, can restore physical fitness as soon as possible Impact Growth speed pigs leaving only, for the value of elimination of elimination, pick it out to put it in the small column, treat, care, and improve the horses of pigs. 9, epidemic prevention. According to the group company, “immune procedures” is prescribed. 10, death or elimination of pigs

During the growth of pigs, they encountered death or need to eliminate the pigs, and they must be identified by veterinary identification and do detailed records. The side can be used to drag the namstick vehicle, transport it to the burning pool treatment, and disinfect the car with a steroidal water. It is forbidden with random to deal with death or eliminate piglets.

11, statistics

Record the changes of pigs, onset, deathDead, materials, water, electricity, electricity, gas, etc. related to data and report.
daily work content

Morning: 6: 00-7: 30

1. First of all, the temperature and ventilation of the circle is abnormal;
2. Check the amount of material of the tank and adjust its size to observe the health of the pig, mark the cough, leg pain, bow back, thin, diarrhea, fever, etc., if the conditions allow it to pick out the disease The pig is raised; 3. If it is the piglet that is just transferred, especially if the feces should be cleaned to a specific area; 4. Record the pigs, sales, death, elimination and the aforemention, the water consumption, Power consumption, consumption. 5. Cleaning the circle and walkway;

Morning: 8: 00-11: 30

1. Replace the steroidal water of the door to disinfect the potion; 2. Adjust the tank size; 3. Individual treatment of the sick pigs picked out in the morning; 4. Tour pigs, labeled problems with problems in time; 5. Assist in anti-epidemic prevention; 6. Cleaning circle; 7. Maintenance equipment; 8. Precursive material trough;

Am PM: 1: 30-5: 30

1. In the afternoon, it will check the amount of material of the tank; 2. Tour the pig group; 3. Individual problems are only subject to individual treatment; 4. Assist an epidemic prevention staff to prevent epidemic prevention; 5. Cleaning circle; 6. Repair equipment; 7. Precatcher inspection trough below the material;

Night: 9: 00 -9: 30

1. Whether the temperature and fan ventilation of the circle is abnormal; 2. Check the material trough and drinking water situation; 3. Check the door and window of the collar house, the lighting is closed;

The weekly focus of the week

Time work content on Monday, cleaning the blower and the lubs on Tuesday, the maintenance equipment Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesses, Treated on Sunday, elimination of weak pigs
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