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The normal estrus cycle of pigs is 18 ~ 24 days, and the phenomenon of breeding sow is not pregnant after breeding. . Each batch of sow will increase the rate of breeding, and the NPD of non-production days is increased, which affects the economic benefits of farms (households).
The main sow is mainly three aspects

First, the quality of the boar is unqualified;

Second, the breeding time is not accurate;

three is the mother Pork disease rationality and physiological return.

At different periods of time, the sow is actually representing different significance:

1. Normal return:

21 days or 42 days, explain estrus Accurate identification, but pregnancy failure. The cause of this phenomenon may be: management stress factors within 30 days after the extension (including excessive driving, vaccination, mixed group fighting, consolidation of high temperature, etc.); excessive semen has fallen too much, insemination failure; semen quality is unqualified; Time is too early or too late.

2. Not normal:

The reason for returning (usually in 18-19 days) within 2.20 days may be: estrus identification is not accurate; estrus identification is accurate, but the sow A pregnancy signal (about 9-12 days after the passence, the affected egg is reached to the uterus) has not been established; a disease that causes high heat (especially flu); it is also possible to be breeding.
2.224-39 days return, mainly refers to the problem of embryonic losses in 3-4 weeks after the breeding, is a non-management factor, and may be: the cause of embryo absorption or pregnancy caused by the disease; Individual differences; the lactation period is too short, and the uterus has failed to recover.
2.3 Pregnancy returns in the mid-pregnancy (45-105 days), if the exact abortion is not seen, it is due to the omission of pregnancy identification; if it is observed, obvious interim abortion is observed, Infections caused by fine viruses, Japanese encephalitis virus and influenza viruses, especially in the south and northern season.

Abortion / pretermnation of abortion / premature fishing in addition to management factors, should be paid to whether there is a blue-ear virus infection.

3. Strategy:

In order to reduce the return rate of the sow, the common measures have the following points:

3.1. Provide qualified semen. The quality of semen quality is one of the main factors affecting the rate of birth. There is no quality semen, and it is unrealistic to improve the fetus of the sow. The quality of the semen (fine liquid, color, odor, sperm density, vitality, deformity, etc.), ensuring that the semen quality is qualified. At the same time, adjusting the heat-saving and cooling equipment before the arrival of high temperature seasons and the addition of anti-anti-drug, nutrient medicines such as drinking water to reduce the impact of thermal should be on the quality of the boar.
3.2. Improve population technology. The experience of breeding technicians is not rich, the investigation is not allowed, the best losing time is not good, causing pregnancy failure, sow. Frequent training technicians to improve estrus signing, infancy, and sow stability, and other technologies.
3.3. Do a good job in the environmental hygiene of pig houses. Sweep the pig house every day, reduce the breeding environment of pathogenic microorganisms, and disinfect regularly, and ensure that the pig house is clean and hygienic.
3.4. Do a good job of sow prevention and health, reduce the disease of animal animal reproduction disorders. In order to ensure that the sow has a healthy physical condition, you must do a good job in preventive health care of sows. Especially do a good job in swine fever (2 times / year), pig breeding and respiratory syndrome, pig fake trace, pig fragrant virus, etc. will directly or indirectly affect the disease of the prevention of the preparation of the mother pig preparation. Reduce bacterial infection opportunities, especially artificial midwifery, artificial insemination, postpartum nursing process, due to uterine inflammation caused by sterilization of disinfection or rude. Due to the presence of inflammation, it is easy to have a situation, and even causing repeated infertility. Once the mother pig uterus is found, it should be treated in time.

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3.5. Improve the quality of feed, and rationally allocate nutrition levels in the breeding period of the mother pig. Because corn green alrelone is easy to cause a fake estrus phenomenon of sow, we must ensure that the feed quality of the sow is guaranteed to have a healthy and appropriate physical condition,. Since the breeding, the mastery of the nutrition levels of the sow after breeding is a key factor in ensuring the number of sows and the production of the child. It is recommended to add liquid amino-new amine-free gravid to 10 days after weaning, and promote the estrus of the sow, improve the ovulation rate and the reciprocity. Generally, the day before breeding is a stage of ban on high-energy feed, because too high nutrient intake will lead to death in the fertilized egg, and the bed failed. Appropriately supplement green feed, add electrolytic multi-dimensional to supplement the lack of vitamins. Improve nutritional levels within 40 days in late pregnancy to ensure the health of the fetus.

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